You will need
    • 4 egg whites;
    • 8 tablespoons sugar or powdered sugar;
    • citric acid.
Before whisking the eggs should be cool. Keep them in the fridge until cooking. It will not hurt to put in a cool place and a bowl for whipping – so the process will go faster, and the foam is more sturdy.
Carefully break eggs one at a time over a separate bowl. Do not expose the yolk, otherwise the protein will not be lush. Accidentally caught in a Cup pieces of the shell, remove corner of paper towel.
Find a suitable container for whipping. Utensils should be dry and completely clean, containing no traces of fat. Choose a deep enough bowl or pan in the process of whipping weight will increase several times.
Pour the whites into a container. Beat the mass with a wire whisk, making a uniform motion in the same direction. When mass is about to increase in volume and the foam bubbles will become small, start small portions add sugar or pre-sifted powdered sugar. At the end of the whipping add a bit of citric acid or a few drops of lemon juice to the cream was plastic.
Properly beaten egg whites represent a lush and fairly dense foam forming a stable "peaks". If after 10 minutes after the start of whipping you cannot achieve high foam, place the container with the squirrels into a saucepan with cold water and proceed. Do not add sugar in insufficient risen a lot, otherwise you will not be able to bring it to the required pomp. From the finished protein can be cooked meringue or to prepare cakes, meringues.
For greasing cakes and toppings for waffles and cakes prepare protein custard cream. Cook thick syrup of half Cup water and 8 tablespoons sugar. In a separate bowl whip the egg whites in a high dense foam. Not stopping whipping, a thin stream pour in the mass of hot sugar syrup. Constantly stir the cream with a whisk, making them smooth circular motion.
After brewing, add to the mixture a drop of citric acid. If necessary, the cream can be tinted with natural or artificial dyes, and add flavorings, e.g., vanilla. Thoroughly mix the mass of the halo. The cream should be used immediately after preparation. Beaten egg whites – perishable, not subject to long storage.