Advice 1: How beat egg whites with sugar

Proteins – the basis for many desserts. Of them bake airy meringue, they are boiled and served with butter sauce. Protein cream filled tarts, and puff pastry rolls, and the drawing of plastic masses make excellent decorations on the cakes. All of the desserts were successful, the proteins must be correctly beat.
How beat egg whites with sugar
You will need
    • 4 egg whites;
    • 8 tablespoons sugar or powdered sugar;
    • citric acid.
Before whisking the eggs should be cool. Keep them in the fridge until cooking. It will not hurt to put in a cool place and a bowl for whipping – so the process will go faster, and the foam is more sturdy.
Carefully break eggs one at a time over a separate bowl. Do not expose the yolk, otherwise the protein will not be lush. Accidentally caught in a Cup pieces of the shell, remove corner of paper towel.
Find a suitable container for whipping. Utensils should be dry and completely clean, containing no traces of fat. Choose a deep enough bowl or pan in the process of whipping weight will increase several times.
Pour the whites into a container. Beat the mass with a wire whisk, making a uniform motion in the same direction. When mass is about to increase in volume and the foam bubbles will become small, start small portions add sugar or pre-sifted powdered sugar. At the end of the whipping add a bit of citric acid or a few drops of lemon juice to the cream was plastic.
Properly beaten egg whites represent a lush and fairly dense foam forming a stable "peaks". If after 10 minutes after the start of whipping you cannot achieve high foam, place the container with the squirrels into a saucepan with cold water and proceed. Do not add sugar in insufficient risen a lot, otherwise you will not be able to bring it to the required pomp. From the finished protein can be cooked meringue or to prepare cakes, meringues.
For greasing cakes and toppings for waffles and cakes prepare protein custard cream. Cook thick syrup of half Cup water and 8 tablespoons sugar. In a separate bowl whip the egg whites in a high dense foam. Not stopping whipping, a thin stream pour in the mass of hot sugar syrup. Constantly stir the cream with a whisk, making them smooth circular motion.
After brewing, add to the mixture a drop of citric acid. If necessary, the cream can be tinted with natural or artificial dyes, and add flavorings, e.g., vanilla. Thoroughly mix the mass of the halo. The cream should be used immediately after preparation. Beaten egg whites – perishable, not subject to long storage.

Advice 2: How to whip egg whites for meringue

Beaten egg whites are used to prepare various confectionery products – biscuits, soufflés, meringues and, of course, meringue. The quality of the foam depends on the quality of the product. Many wonder how to whisk the egg whites correctly and is the right approach, because not knowing some of the subtleties, you can spend time and products for nothing.
How to whip egg whites for meringue

The first thing to do is to carefully separate the yolks from the whites. If the product will present a shred of the past, you are doomed to failure.

How to separate the whites from the yolks

Our grandmothers separated the whites from the yolks just gently breaking the shell with a knife or on the edge of the bowl, and then poured all the contents in a flat plate and hands removed the yolk.

Our contemporaries are modernized this process, it is significantly easier: the yolk can be easily extracted using a small plastic bottle just by holding it up to the yolk and a bit of squeezing. Then the yolk is sucked and just as easily transferred to another container.

If by hand was not a plastic bottle to separate the yolk from the white can be another simple way. From both ends of the eggs in the shell bore small holes through which is blown protein. The yolk remains in the shell.

You can separate the white from the yolk simply by separating the shell into 2 halves and pouring the contents back and forth over a bowl. While protein will drain into the bowl, and the yolk remains in the shell.

How to beat egg whites

A few years ago were encouraged to whip the chilled whites, but recently the opinion of the cooks about it has changed. Now, before you start the procedure, it is recommended to hold the eggs for several hours at room temperature. But in fact, the structure of refrigerated eggs are more dense, and its harder to oxygenate.

Beat egg whites is best, not using a mixer. Whisk or fork should be your helpers in this matter. If you are inclined in the direction of the mixer, then choose low speed, with the nozzles of overlapping frames. Cocktail blender absolutely will not fit.

It is important, what material will be made dishes, in which you beat egg whites. For this purpose, suitable ceramic, glass, enamelled (no chipping), ideally copper. And under no circumstances are aluminum and plastic.

And, perhaps most importantly – the dishes must be perfectly clean and dry. Fat in any, even the most insignificant amount, would negate all the work.

Start to whisk the egg whites need at a low speed, then gradually increasing it. Impatient chefs whites will become a mass of liquid and will not whipped.

The freshness of the eggs plays a role. Old eggs will not vzbivayte. In any case, in the process of whipping the whites and added a pinch of salt or a few drops of lemon, but even that may not save the situation.

In the process of whipping should involve the whole protein mass. You grab the whites with a whisk or fork to the bottom, otherwise the bottom of the dish, they will remain liquid.

While beating should get a firm foam. If it is beaten well enough, that is not increased 4-5 times, then the bubbles get larger and burst, causing the cakes to fall.

A very important point added sugar. It is impossible to pour it all at once. Only a little bit (a quarter teaspoon) and in the process of whipping. At this point, the foam needs to be enough air.

For meringues or meringue sugar should be replaced with powdered sugar. It is important to observe proportions – a Cup of sugar takes 4 protein. The shortage of sugar, the meringue will get sticky, the excess is fragile and sickly.

For meringue or meringue of the whites whipped very cool, with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice. The foam tip should when you pull to remain in the vertical position. It's called beat until peaks. If you need the addition of sugar, whip the whites until fluffy foam, and then introduce sugar. The process of beating continued until bringing it to uniformity and gloss.

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