Healthy pisany protein contains fewer calories than the egg yolk. In standard egg yolk has 59 calories, protein and just 17 calories. Additionally, the yolk содержит4,5 g of fats of which 1.6 g is saturated, and the protein is only 0.06 g of fat and no saturated. Therefore, the adherents of a healthy lifestyle prefer to cook a variety of Frittata, omelettes and scrambled eggs only on the proteins. In many baking recipes where you need one or more whole eggs, they also use only protein. And it is quite competent replacement. Instead of one egg yolk need to take protein from two eggs, therefore, to replace one whole egg you will need the whites of 3 eggs.
Bright biskvitnyi air moist light sponge cake for the cake "Food of angels" is based on a large number of proteins. For one cake you need no less than 12 egg whites. Their whip with sugar in the foam, and then carefully add the flour and flavorings. This biscuit is known that requires no oil, no butter, no vegetable, and no confectionery fats.
Meringue and marangopoulou, the most common way to use proteins is to cook the meringue or meringue. There are many recipes for these treats is lemon and strawberry meringue, Polish cake with meringue, little cakes of meringue with nuts and meringue, serving elegant and tasty top layer of sweet cake. Gorgeous and famous dessert Pavlova of meringue, whipped cream and fresh berries.
Macaroons Soft, airy almond biscuits also requires a large number of proteins. The Italians cook with almond flour and proteins from the famous tiny Amaretto, baked French colorful macarons with a cream filling and a glossy, Finance, Americans love macaroons with coconut.
Glasuritstrasse smooth white icing, called the Royal, consists of egg whites, sugar and a small amount of lemon juice. Such a frosting covered cupcakes, cakes and cookies.
Frozen squirrelsIf you decide what to do with proteins, but don't want to use them in the next few days, just freeze them. Take an ordinary ice cube trays, fill them with egg white and put in the freezer. Remove the egg cubes of ice from the refrigerator as needed, thaw at room temperature and use as you would use fresh protein.