Advice 1: How to make egg cream

Air protein cream is one of the most popular bases for preparing a light dessert. In addition to the delicious and delicate taste, this is the most low-calorie cream. Desserts using protein creamand very nutritious, but not leave the feeling of heaviness. The recipe is quite simple, but requires certain skills.
How to make egg cream
You will need
    • 4 egg whites
    • 8 tablespoons of powdered sugar
    • 0.5 cups of water
    • ¼ Tsp citric acid
In a saucepan, pour water and stir in the powdered sugar. Add the citric acid.
Mix well over medium heat and cook until thick.
The syrup should caramelize and darken.
Proteins beat until thick and fluffy foam.
Without stopping whisking, pour the whites in a thin stream the hot sugar syrup.
Beat for another 1 — 2 minutes, quickly stirring the whole mass.
Use the cream immediately after production.
If the syrup is nedawareness, the cream be blurry and not tight. If the syrup is overcooked, it will be cream with sprinkles.
It is very important to pour the syrup in a thin stream and stir continuously, otherwise it may form lumps in the cream.

Advice 2: Cream eggs - tasty treat

A lovely alternative to a pudding, ice cream and other desserts – sweet egg cream. To prepare Goodies, there are many different recipes but the basic ingredients for the cream is always the same: sugar, cream and eggs.
Cream eggs - tasty treat

Air treat

The cream from the eggs has several advantages, which are the reason for the fame of this dessert. The main secret is the ease of preparation, taste soft, airy texture and low calorie. Cream eggs are very nutritious and does not leave a feeling of heaviness and congestion. And to prepare you need only a few simple ingredients.

Cooking enthusiasts often argue over who first invented the recipe of the cream. A history of dessert cooking began with Francois Messala that served king Louis XIV and described all their recipes in a cookbook. In those days, the desserts were the privilege of only the rich and the poor became available later, after the growth and development of sugar production. The tradition of decorating desserts stems from the fact that originally, sweetness was solely a food for special occasions, and, therefore, they tried to decorate it to give a festive look.

Properly prepared protein cream keeps its shape and perfectly kept. The cream can be used as a separate dish or topping for various pastries. As a separate dish, cream is usually served in dessert bowls, garnished with berries, grated chocolate or patterns from the syrup.

How to prepare protein cream

So, for the cream you need to take the following products:
- the egg – 4 pieces (it is necessary to separate whites from yolks);
- 8 talovich sugars;
- half Cup cooled boiled water;
lemon acid on a knife tip.

First out of the water, sugar and lemon juice and make a syrup. To do this, all the ingredients you need to put in a pan and cook on a slow fire until thick. Remember, you need to see to it that in the process of cooking syrup is not dark and does not crystallize. While the syrup cools, whip the egg whites. When the consistency reaches a fluffy foam, a thin stream pour the cooled syrup proteins, actively stirring the contents. Activity mixing guarantees homogeneity of the cream.

To make it easier to separate the whites from the yolks, pre-refrigerate the eggs. It will be enough for a few hours to put them in the fridge.

There is another, more simple method of preparation of protein cream. To do this, take two eggs and a Cup of sugar. Separate the whites, pour them with sugar and add a pinch of salt. The entire mixture down with a mixer until thick foam. And if you want to give the cream color, then add desired food coloring.

Advice 3: How to make cream of mascarpone with strawberries

Mascarpone (Italian. Mascarpone) is a soft Italian cheese made from heavy cream. It has a creamy texture, so perfect for desserts. Try to make a wonderful delicious mascarpone cream with strawberries.
How to make cream of mascarpone with strawberries
You will need
    • 2 eggs;
    • 250 g strawberries (fresh or frozen);
    • 30 g of powdered sugar;
    • 250 g mascarpone;
    • a bit of vanilla sugar.
Clean fresh strawberries from the stems, wash and dry. Cut the berries in half and chop with a blender or RUB them through a sieve. If you use frozen berries, they must be pre-thawed.
Carefully break the eggs, separate the whites from the yolks. The yolks will not need, you can use them for other meals. Whip the egg whites with the sugar with a whisk or mixer on low speed until the formation of fluffy foam.
Put the mascarpone in a bowl. Put the protein mass in cheese and mix gently.
Add strawberry puree, a little vanilla and again mix. All, cream of mascarpone with strawberries is ready. If it is too thick, it can be diluted with a little 33% cream. The cream can be used for making cake or cakes.
To cook a delicious and original dessert, put the finished cream in the freezer for half an hour. Then put in bowl a layer of sliced fresh strawberries, then a layer of frozen mascarpone cream, then another layer of strawberries and a layer of cream. Before serving, decorate the dessert with berries of strawberry or mint leaves.
Analogue mascarpone cheese for the cream can be cooked at home. Heat one litre or quart of cream fat content of not less than 20% on a slow heat to 80oC, add three tablespoons of lemon juice or diluted citric acid. Stir and keep on low heat ten minutes, stirring from time to time.
Take a piece of clean gauze, roll it in five or six layers, put in a colander and drain the heated cream. Leave them overnight to uzivatele. The next day, the product can be used.
Keep in mind that mascarpone cheese contains 50% fat, so those who are watching their figure, it is recommended to use it in small quantities and in the first half of the day.
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