You will need
    • fresh eggs - 4 pieces;
    • sugar or powdered sugar - 1 tbsp.
Before cooking the meringue chill eggs in the refrigerator, so you will significantly reduce the whisking. Use only fresh eggs.
For making meringue take a clean and dry the dishes, separate the whites from the yolk. Remove them from the raw eggs, procalis hole large needle from two sides. Container, which needs to be transferred proteins, can be made of any material – ceramic, glass, it is important not to use aluminum cookware, or you will get a squirrel with a gray tint.
Take a mixer with master nozzles. Beat the whites, starting with the lowest speed, gradually increasing speed of rotation of the nozzles. Be sure to stay tuned to halo reach to the bottom of the dish with the protein and whipped the entire volume of the meringue, otherwise at the bottom of the proteins can remain liquid.
Once the consistency of the meringue starts to thicken, start adding the sugar. Introduce it gradually, over the fourth part from a teaspoon while whisking with a mixer. All the sugar is added immediately, dissolve into the meringue and make it liquid, you will not be able to correct. When cooking cakes , meringues , use powdered sugar at the rate of 1:4, i.e. 1 Cup of powdered sugar take 4 protein.
The degree of readiness of the meringue determine the foam volume and proteins. Foam should be thick and not spread, and the mass is brought to readiness, several times more than its original volume.