You will need
  • browser.
Launch the Google Chrome browser to change the folder where the downloads for this browser. Specify any folder on your computer where you have saved all your downloaded files, or select the project folder at every boot, then every time the program will ask you which folder to save the file.
Click on the button with the wrench icon on the toolbar Google Chrome change download location by default. Select the menu item "Settings", select the "Advanced" tab, go to "Downloads" to change the downloads folder by default, click the Change button, then select the desired folder. To choose a separate folder for each download, check the box next to "Ask where to save each file".
Locate the downloaded file with Google Chrome browser, if you changed the location of downloads by default: Windows XP:/Documents and Settings/"user Name"/My documents/Downloads; Windows Vista: /Users/"user Name"/Downloads; OS Mac: /Users/Downloads; Linux: home/user Name/Downloads.
Open the Opera browser to change the download folder. Go to menu "Tools" – "General settings" – select the "Advanced" tab, in this tab select "Download". The bottom of the window, specify the path to the folder to which the files would be loaded, to do this, click Browse, select the folder and click "OK".
Start Mozilla Firefox browser to implement the change of place of the default downloads. Go to menu "Tools" – "Settings" – "General". In group settings, "Downloads", select the Path to save files", click "Browse" and specify the folder in which to save the download.