Buy a USB modem. Today the market offers a wide selection of these devices. All the leading cellular operators are ready to provide their services. The most favorable in the financial plan of the proposal is modems from MegaFon, Beeline, MTS. USB modems are very cheap, easy to install and operate. Just buy it, insert the SIM card and all modem is ready for operation. No additional software on the computer you do not need. The speed of today's modems new 3G networks is quite high, and you won't really notice the difference in speed urban Internetand country Internet.
Buy the satellite television package and install it on the country. Major operators of satellite TV now offer satellite Internet. For this the subscribers will have to buy a satellite modem. To configure the Internetand it is better to use the services of specialists that will install the dish and equipment. Undoubted advantages of this type of Internetare high speed, with access almost the entire territory of the country. The only disadvantage of satellite Internetand high cost of equipment. But do not forget that at the end of the summer season, you will have a set of equipment, and you will be able to install it in his apartment. You will have a quality television and Internet.
Take your phone to the configured Internetohms and connect it to the computer via USB cable or Bluetooth adapter. Install the computer software appropriate for your phone. Then follow the instructions in the new connection wizard. It will help you to configure the network, providing an output in the Internet. The main advantage of this Internetand is the availability of the equipment, because almost everyone has a cell phone. Cons: poor speed and quality Internet.