You will need
  • Router or network hub.
Let us consider the situation when building your local network used router. Connect to this equipment cable Internetand using for this purpose plug the Internet (WAN). Select any computer or laptop connected to the router via LAN port and turn it on.
Open a browser and type it in the address bar the IP address of the router. You will see the settings menu of the device. Go to Internet Setup, network). Fill in the required fields as you would have done it by connecting to the Internetwith the computer. Enter your username and password, specify the point of accessand to connect to the provider's server.
Enable DHCP save settings and restart router.
Now consider the situation when the creation of the network was used a hub. This equipment cannot be configured to connect to the Internet, and especially to activate DHCP.
Select one of the computers connected to the network hub. Connect cable the Internet. Adjust connection to the Internetom in accordance with the requirements of your provider.
Open settings local networkformed by the network hub. On this computer you need to fill in only one field - an IP address. Enter
Go to settings, connect to the Internet. Open the tab "Access". Enable shared access to Internetfrom all computers within the local network.
Go to any other computer in that network. Open the settings of the TCP/IP Protocol. Enter the IP address 192.168.0.N, where N is any number from 2 to 255. To obtain accessto the network Internet you need to fill in the fields "default gateway" and "Preferred DNS server". Enter the value corresponding to the IP address of the first computer.
Repeat the algorithm described in the previous step for all other laptops and computers. Please note that the first computer must be on so the rest of us got access to the network Internet.