Advice 1: How to remain calm in any situation

"He has nerves of steel!" - so with respect and sometimes with admiration talking about the person who keeps calm, equanimity in any situation, even dangerous situation, or persistently defied attempts to draw him into the conflict. Of course, not all people can be so bold, cold-blooded or patient.
How to remain calm in any situation

How to learn to keep calm

The ability to overcome fear, confusion, calmly assess the situation and make the right decision and avoid quarrels, scandals can have a very good service.

Try not to dramatize the situation where it is not necessary. Some people, especially emotional, impressionable, prone to excessive dramatization. In the most severe cases, they are capable of any nonsense raised to the rank of almost universal tragedy. It harms them and others, because to deal with such sensitive and emotional person – a difficult test.

Master the technique of self-hypnosis, convince yourself that the problem is not so serious (the more dangerous) as you think. It is not necessary that you yourself were nervous and unnerved others. Try to avoid immediate reactions to bad news or someone's hurtful words. First, take a few deep breaths, mentally count to ten (even better – up to twenty). This extremely simple technique will help you to remain calm, to refrain from outbursts of anger or resentment.

Do not rush immediately to devote to their problems, share their concerns in blogs, pages of social networks. Friends and well-wishers, most likely, will only aggravate your condition their sympathy (often excessive), and casual interlocutors, and just not very smart people, can get you to laugh. Tranquillity that you obviously will not increase.

How to learn to control your emotions

Avoid things that cause you stress and worries. Will follow him. In what situation, under what circumstances are you most quickly lose their composure, is able to conflict? It can be anything: time of day, load level of service and household chores, hunger, headache, bothersome noise, uncomfortable tight shoes, Association with unpleasant people, etc. Eliminate these factors or at least try to minimize that. Conversely, use what makes you feel calm, resulting in a peaceful state of mind, whether it is a quiet minor music, reading favorite books, or aromatic bath.

Get more fresh air, try to lead a regular and orderly routine. Even if traffic is heavy, it is very important to pay attention to proper rest and sleep. Because nervousness, conflict is often basic physical and nervous exhaustion.

Advice 2 : How to remain calm in any situation

In life there are situations when to cope with feelings can be very difficult. At the same time, being too emotional can lead to undesirable consequences.
Control your emotions
Keep calm in any situation will be easier if you are aware of the need to control their own emotions. In captivity of feelings can do or say is, what then will bitterly regret. In addition, the ability to think logically, make rational decisions and to act correctly dramatically weakened, if you give in you overcoming anxiety.
Try not to take too seriously the details. When the man important any little thing, life circumstances it is easy to unsettle him. At the same time, the individual that managed to develop some philosophical view on things, able to remain calm in a difficult situation.
Work on your self-esteem. If you believe in yourself, in your own strength, you gain the conviction that they can handle a variety of troubles that may happen in your life. Conversely, if you doubt yourself in advance and set yourself up for failure, you find it difficult to deal with the circumstances and not to worry.
Get rid of the habit to dramatize the situation and cheat yourself. Direct your heated imagination in a more productive direction. It is not necessary to scroll in my head the most adverse scenarios. This attitude will only add to your worry and anxiety. If you feel that panic when even nothing did not happen, stop yourself and judge logically, what is the cause of your condition. Watch your thoughts.
It happens that the person is nervous in situations it does not threaten. If you have noticed this tendency, think of the worst scenario. So you make sure that your life and safety, nothing threatening. With the other problems you can handle yourself.
Remember that in nastojashemu critical situation all of the internal resources of your body are mobilized by themselves. This protective function of your brain. More trust your body and don't be afraid that hasn't happened yet. It is your anxiety, not external circumstances is your main enemy, fight with him.
Podstrahovyvayas and think through a contingency plan in case of failure. Most likely, you won't need it. But knowing that you have a way out, will give you peace of mind and confidence. Again in case of failure you are also not too upset, and just begin to act according to a different strategy.
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