Arrange your life. Consider a comfortable routine. Alternate mental and physical work. Of course, do not go to extremes and follow a schedule every day religiously. Consistency at least in the mode of the day will give you inner peace and stability.
Communicate with nature. Weekend leave for the forest, to the country. More walk, look at flowers, trees — it's comforting. Home and office plant some houseplants. In the interior, choose natural colours — blue, green, light yellow, light brown. Adopt a pet. Care and concern about it will bring joy and satisfaction.
Watch your diet. The body should get all the minerals and vitamins. For example, the lack of such trace elements as magnesium, can cause fatigue, anxiety, experiences. Take care of restful sleep at least 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep is often the reason for excessive irritability. Avoid drinking alcohol. Excessive drinking destroys the mind. Instead of bad habits, do some meditation, yoga.
Filter incoming information. Minimize TV viewing. Instead of thrillers and horror movies watch comedies, read humorous works. Concentrate on interesting to you things. Spend more time with pleasant for you business, find an interesting hobby.
Stop and think if there is an unpleasant situation, and you realize that you can't control your feelings. Perhaps, after 5-10 minutes, the same problem seem to have standing for such experiences.
Analyze your emotions. Explain yourself, what was the cause of your irritability. If there's somebody that you're angry, put yourself in his place, try to understand why people did it.
Respect yourself and others. Inner confidence, a decent attitude towards you from others will give over time, your character equanimity and uravnoveshennosti.