If you feel that you have been experiencing unexplained anxiety, to fight for no reason with family and friends, often to raise his voice at others, the nerves have clearly not okay. So, you need to find free time at least one day to relax and to bring yourself back to normal. Even in the event of serious trouble, you can always find a way to get away for a while from them. After all, ignoring the state of your inner world, you risk to gain health problems and will alienate the people who love you but can not understand this unbalanced condition.
Postpone all business and concerns, take a day off work, send the husband (wife) and children to visit relatives, turn off your phone, forget about all the sources of information. Stay alone with yourself and enjoy this day at your leisure, so that nothing prevented the absolute peace around you. Sleep then take a bath with some relaxing scented oil or cream. Next, listen to soothing music or, for example, such records as the sounds of nature, the sea, etc. you Can pamper yourself with something tasty. These small joys of life make you almost a new identity, able to enjoy life again.
After a rest you will gain strength and be able to spend the evening with your beloved, loved one. Then visit any place with which you have linked pleasant memories. Pleasant company and surroundings will help your heart to calm down.
If possible, go on vacation. For example, to the sea. Water relieves stress, and a change of scenery and activities will give the opportunity to achieve inner harmony. Perhaps the problems that had once seemed unsolvable, you will look other eyes. Understand that emotional balance necessary for a calm, measured life.