Stop and think. Most people gets nervous due to the fact that the difficult situations pile up one after another, and we need to solve them in the shortest possible time. But if you have a little time to respite, will be able to perform, for the solution of what problems need to tackle first. It is possible, and it is not worth it to waste your nerves.
Do not rush to tell others. To talk about what bothers you, makes sense only to those people who will be able to understand and give good advice. In other situations, sharing experiences, you can be calm because you will reopen the soul every time, when talking about the problem.
Warn anxiety. Very often negative emotions are preceded by certain factors. If you will be able to identify them, then you will at least understand his condition and in the best case can prevent the anxiety and worry.
Learn to relax. Calm helps your favorite business, relaxing with friends, a massage, a bath with aromatic oils and much more. Find something that helps to distract from negative thoughts to you, and use this method every time when you feel calm at the end.
Get enough rest. Very often people "lose" peace of mind due to the fact that it assumes many responsibilities and tries to fulfill them. Some period of time you can hold out, but then the voltage inside will turn around the external irritation. So you need during the working day to allocate time for lunch and short breaks and also take care of daily, restful sleep.
Exercise. Moderate exercise helps the production of endorphins that improve mood and well-being. Getting them regularly, you will be able to properly and safely respond to life's challenges.
Practise breathing. In times of stress, it slips, which adversely affects health. Try to breathe quietly and deeply. Slowly exhaling the air and holding the breath, you remove the irritation. In a few minutes you will feel relieved, will be able to evaluate what is happening around and to solve the necessary questions.