You will need
  • - documents for the apartment;
  • - documents for acceptance of inheritance;
  • - certificate of inheritance;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - documents for the transaction of purchase and sale.
If the deceased did not leave a will that specifies who will own the apartment, the property was divided by law among all heirs (article 1116 of the civil code). To get the inheritance, it should be taken.
Acceptance of the inheritance is carried out by application to the notary office at the place of residence of the testator or at the location of the apartment. Present the notary documents on the apartment, the death certificate of the deceased, your passport, proof of relationship to the deceased, a marriage certificate if you or the deceased the surname was changed upon entry into a valid marriage.
To apply for acceptance of inheritance, you shall, within 6 months from the date of death of the testator. If you did not, are deemed missing, and to restore them you will have in court, proving the importance of the reasons for the delay.
The notary will open the case of inheritance. After 6 months, all the heirs will receive the certificate of inheritance. On the basis of this document you will be able to register ownership rights to their share of property in the Federal Office of the state registration of the center and then have the right to sell it.
If all the heirs are for sale, divided into shares in percentage apartment sell. The cash proceeds divided among the heirs in accordance with shares received of the inheritance.
The apartment, resulting in lobes, decorated in nature, you can sell it yourself, without asking permission from the other heirs. But in accordance with article No. 250 of GK of the Russian Federation at first a part of the sold property, you must offer to other owners, whom were the heirs. If one month none of the heirs did not wish to buy it on your terms, you have the right to sell it to another person.