You will need
  • - collect all necessary documents;
  • to execute the contract of sale;
  • - to get the money;
  • - to make the act of reception-transmission;
  • - to apply to regcenter.
That is, until the state registration of the transaction, all the money must be transferred to the seller. At the registration centre, no one will give you the time on the transfer and translation of monetary amounts. But until receiving the money takes successive stage of the transaction.
If you sell an apartment without intermediaries from the real estate, prepare the documents, without which the transaction cannot be registered.
Contact BTI will receive an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan. If the date of registration of the passport has been more than 5 years, call a technician to inspect the apartment. Without re-examination you will not be able to get a statement as all the technical documents are valid for 5 years. On the basis of the inspection you will receive an updated statement.
Contact the notary with all the owners, if the apartment is in common ownership. Get a notarized permission for sale. If among the owners there are finitely capable, incapable or a minor, contact with a written notification to the bodies of guardianship and guardianship that the apartment is sold. Get a decree authorizing the sale, signed by the head of the district administration.
Contact the housing Department, write down all of the apartmentswill receive a certificate that everything is removed from the register and the extract from the personal account.
Next comes the preparation of the contract of purchase and sale in the simple written or notarial form. After signing the contract, will receive all cash for the apartment. Get them better in a cashless form by transfer from the buyer's account into your account or in the Bank and in cash directly put to your account or in a rented safety Deposit box. To have on hand a large amount of cash is very dangerous. Don't forget that.
After receiving the entire amount of the rent, make the act of reception-transmission and register of ownership rights to buyers in the Federal Office of the state registration center.
Never leave the process of receiving money for after registration. Very often, after registration of ownership rights to the buyers and the abandonment of the receipt of money then, customers sat in the car and went in an unknown direction, and the hapless real estate salesman had a lot of problems on their wanted list and was forced to spend a lot of time to interact with law enforcement.
Before the sale of the apartment , carefully read the laws governing the sale and registration of transactions. Article 550, 421, 549, 420, 555, 554, 292, 29, 28, 30, 26, 244, 256, 2965, 3075, 131 of the civil code, 34 SK the Russian Federation, the Federal law 122-F3. They described in detail how to sell and buy real estate.