You will need
  • - documents for sale;
  • - the services or resources to place ads on separate sale;
  • - notary services;
  • - Declaration on form 3НДФЛ and a set of documents confirming the receipt of income, payment of tax and transaction amount.
Prepare all the necessary documents for the sale of the apartment. You will need to provide them upon request to potential buyers and representatives of agencies of real estate, if you decide to use their services.
If some of them will be obsolete by the time of sale, make sure that the day of the visit to the notary you had the full set of valid documents.
Go for a consultation in one or several real estate agencies, examine the prices of similar proposals to present to the market price of the apartment and contributing factors.
Sign a contract with the Agency (if it seizes your documents for an apartment, make sure that the contract had been given a deadline of validity within which it shall find you a buyer - usually from 1 month as to whether or not more should think).
Or you can advertise the sale of housing in the media and on the Internet. It still gets into the database of real estate agencies. But you're free to refuse the agent, the terms of which (for example, requirement you fee) you are not satisfied.
Be ready to show interested buyers your apartment, to show documents on it, to answer their questions. Determine for yourself how much of the original price and conditions are ready to give way to bargain will be required).
On the appointed day with the buyer who made a choice in your favor, we will issue the transaction with a notary. Pre-specify when the new owner will be able to enter the apartment, and you release her to collect the money and other important details.
Since the signing of the contract of purchase and sale you have an obligation to the state to declare their income and pay the tax - 13% of the transaction amount in the part exceeding 2 mln. R.
Tax you can transfer using the Bank details that can be found in the offices of the Bank, its tax inspection on the website of the regional Department of the FTS website or FTS service to Fill the payment order".
The inspection must present a Declaration, a statement of tax deduction amounting to 2 mln. R. and all the documents confirming receipt of income and payment of NDFL with it last year.