You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • - the inventory of the hereditary estate;
  • - documents of title to the property;
  • - documents about the relationship with the testator;
  • - death certificate;
  • - other necessary documents.
A will drawn up in two copies. One document is kept at the notary who has made or assured to the will, and the second of the testator.
A will is considered valid if it is the last date a document written before the death of the testator. If you find that there is a will, written later, legally significant will be the last.
To join the right of the heir under the will, contact the notary office at the place of the last residence of the testator. If this fact is unknown, you have the right to apply to the notary at the location of the main or most valuable part of the hereditary mass, in this case at the location of the apartment.
Present your passport, complete the application for acceptance of inheritance. You will also need to submit to the notary the documents related to the testator, title to the property, an inventory of all of the hereditary mass, death certificate, marriage certificate if you or the decedent changed the name by marriage.
In the absence of any documents, the notary will make a written request to the desired instance to duplicate or statements.
The will shall be delivered to all heirs, regardless of whether they specified it or not. Property left by will, is divided according to the last will of the testator. If in the will the share of each heir is not specified, it goes to all heirs specified in the document in equal proportions.
If the testator at the time of death was dependent minors, incapable or partially capable citizens, including adopted or taken under guardianship, they are entitled to their share of the inheritance, regardless of the instructions of the testator left in his will. Mandatory share of the inheritance belongs to these citizens in the share, as if they were entered into the rights of heirs at law.