You will need
  • - notary statement;
  • - title documents to the house;
  • - passport;
  • - marriage certificate;
  • - death certificate;
  • - cadastral extract;
  • - certificate from the place of residence of the testator;
  • - certificate of inheritance;
  • - a statement in regcenter;
  • package of documents for registration of property rights.
The house may accrue to the heirs at law, if it is not changed the last will of the testator in the will. Regardless, by law or by will the property passes to the heirs, you must first open the notary the estate. For this to apply to the notary within 6 months from the date of the testator's death, goes to the right home.
To present the passport, the marriage certificate of their own and of the deceased, a death certificate, a certificate of residence of the testator, title to the house. You will also need an extract from the cadastral passport, copy of the cadastral plan of the building, but these documents can give to BTI only to the owners of the property, or at the request of the authorities, so you get these certificates only after the notary will request the Bureau of technical inventory.
If the house is willed, he will go to heirs in the shares specified in the will. If there's no will, the house belongs to all the heirs in equal shares. The certificate of inheritance you will receive on the expiry of 6 months from the date of death of the testator, if by this time all heirs, conceived during the lifetime of the testator, was born.
After receiving the certificate of inheritance please contact the Federal office of the state registration center. Apply, please submit the title documents to the house, cadastral extract, certificate of inheritance, your passport, pay the state fee for registration of property rights, make one photocopy of all specified documents.
After 1 month you will receive a certificate confirming your ownership of the home, which got you inherited, then you will be able to dispose of property at own discretion.