Advice 1: How to adjust hair clippers hair

Cars to haircuts to allow care at home for short hair. Due to the fact that the set comes with several different nozzles, the length of cut hair can be calculated to the millimeter. However, to work with the machine for the cutting of hair was not observed "surprises", it needs to be adjusted.
How to adjust hair clippers hair
Please carefully read the accompanying user manual. As a rule, this technical documentation gives practical recommendations related to the safe and correct operation of the device.
All operations related to the adjustment of machines for shearing hair, adjust only after personally make sure that the device is de-energized. If the machine is for shearing runs on rechargeable batteries, remove them before proceeding to the adjustment.
Adjust the machines for clipper blades and tension. Of course, different models of hairdressing devices have certain characteristics, but the principle configuration of these components is practically identical.
To adjust the blades, check for the start location. The upper edge should be from 0.8 to 1.6 mm relative to the lower. If further adjustment is required on this element, loosen the bolt that holds the lower blade, and adjust its location.
To adjust the tension, turn the handle anti-clockwise (turn until a slight resistance). In no case should not turn the knob by force.
If blade is dirty or has accumulated on them fine hairs, in any case, don't give a machine for shearing in water. To set this hair styling instrument with a soft brush, which can be used to efficiently clean the blade.
In any case, do not use the clipper in the case of malfunctions in the operation of this device or after his fall.
Useful advice
Within a certain time after the purchase of the cars this device is on the warranty, so any operation (twisting, untwisting, etc.) must be in engineering.

Advice 2: How to choose a clipper beard

Machine to haircut hair is a good way to save money, but men can help out and special nozzles or separate devices for shortening and trimming a beard and mustache. Such devices are very convenient, because you can use them anytime, anywhere.
How to choose a clipper beard
Installation on cut hair length range from 0.5 to 41 mm. See these characteristics of the cars in the included instructions and choose the right model. Pay attention to the quality stainless steel blades. If they are protected by special trains, it will make the device more durable.
To machine for shearing a beard and moustache last a long time, after 2-3 times of use, lubricate the support of the rubbing knife blades with a special oil. If the knife is hot, it is also necessary to lubricate. To get rid of the hassle, buy a camera with a self-lubricating blades, Teflon coated blades.
High speed movement of the knives will help you to save time for a haircut, but will require more skill. Let's see how many attachments included with the machine for the cutting of the beard. The optimal number of them – 4-5 PCs.
There is a network, storage network and storage devices for haircuts. Network devices are more reliable, but they are not always convenient to use because of the cord. Rechargeable cars will run 40-60 minutes before they need recharging. It lasts 8-10 hours. The best option – rechargeable-network. Use them as you wish.
Machines for clipper mustache and beard used for thinning, trimming and shaping facial hair men. Some models have a special container for cut hair, which makes the process neat and more convenient.
You can buy precision trimmer – this special attachment to the machine, which is very good to trim the beard, sideburns and moustache. To draw the contours of the sideburns and beard, produce a special edging machine. Some electric razors have built-flip slim edged knife.
Many models of clippers for haircuts hair contain the set of nozzles, suitable for the care of the moustache and the beard.

Advice 3: How to sharpen blades of clippers hair

With the help of a machine for shearing a neat hairstyle can make even a not very experienced hairdresser. But only if it is in perfect condition. First and foremost, this applies to knives. Modern cars are quite often made with self-sharpening blades, which only need to properly care. But the old machine with the stationary blades can deliver a lot of trouble to the Barber and his client. It may well be that the blades time to sharpen.
How to sharpen blades of clippers hair
You will need
  • lathe;
  • a shard of the mirror.
  • - diamond paste;
  • - sandpaper.
Determine whether it is time to sharpen the blade. If they are in good condition, the machine runs smoothly and easily cuts hair, not crushes them and tears. The jammed and damaged hair — evidence that it's time to think about sharpening. This can be done a little earlier, noting that some of the hairs get longer than the others. Don't wait until the machine will be no longer anything to cut.
The best option is to find a suitable repair shop, where the blade of the clipper for haircuts will not only sharpen, but may be replaced if necessary. There is special equipment. Blades attached to a special vise and sharpen the rotating bar. The process takes not much time. In addition, the sharpening quality is obtained.
If such there is no shop nearby, you can try to sharpen the blades at home. You probably have a whetstone for sharpening kitchen knives. Sharpening detachable blades for machines for shearing requires more accuracy, but in principle the process is the same. Gently slide the blade across the whetstone in two directions. The edge of the blade should be fully in contact with the abrasive surface. The degree of sharpening is most convenient to check, cutting off the junk pile with a piece of natural or artificial fur.
Take a piece of sandpaper. The more dull the blades are, the larger should be "skin". Place the sandpaper between the blades and turn on the machine. Cut the sheet into strips. In the process satokata and blades. This method is suitable for mechanical machines.
To help you can and a shard of mirror. Apply the abrasive paste. Wipe the blade of a knife in a circular motion.
Very well, if you have access to a lathe or grinding machine. In the first case, you will need another aluminum circle about six inches in diameter. Him apply diamond paste (or any other abrasive material). The blade of a stick with a magnet. The method is quite dangerous, but sharpens well.
Useful advice
To knives less tupilsya, grease them with special oil. Make sure that the blade did not get hot water.

After cutting, clean the machine with a special brush. Remove any excess hair.

Advice 4: What is the name of haircut

Women's haircuts can be versatile, classic or extravagant. Selecting one of the options depends on just how dramatically a woman decides to change his image. Names of haircuts will help to choose before visiting the hairdresser.
What is the name of haircut

Cara and Bob - the most common female haircuts

Quite common is short female haircut until the middle of the chin, which is called "caret". Her option is a graduated penalty, which is performed with deep feathering. The line of the cut hair is at a certain angle. Graduated caret is running and the short hair, in this case it looks more original.

Short hairstyle with element of asymmetry is called "asymmetrical quads." In this shortened individual strands of hair, for example, one side of the face. Kare extension is a simple haircut that is performed with straight scissors. Barber sastrigal hair so that the front tips of the hair came out a little elongated. This haircut is suitable for girls having round or oval face shape.

Bob with short nape – a hairstyle, where the front strands are elongated, and the hair on the nape – short. Kara is a versatile, on its basis you can make unique hairstyles that can complement your hair, or dye hair strands in different colors.
Kara was popular in the early twenties, while women wore short hairstyles mid-ear.

In the early twentieth century there was a haircut called the "Bob." Currently, she has a lot of options, each of which successfully adjusts the face having a round shape. Hair was cut in a circle, and in the neck forms a small step.

Popular women's haircuts

Very popular is the haircut called "pixie". She looks like a man's hair, but thanks to a special technique it looks amazing. Hairstyle "the mullet" means extra long strands of hair at the back and short strands in the front. Haircut "page" has a length to the middle of the ears, hair form the so-called "cap" fringe is straight and elongated. "Page" is best suited for voluminous and thick hair. She is women having a perfect jawline and neck.
Haircut "page" can be supplemented with elements of the "ragged" edges, oblique bangs or coloring individual strands of hair.

Haircut "Garcon" is a short haircut with long strands of three inches. Area temples open, the back of the head hair trimmed. Haircut "Garcon" is women having perfect face shape. For women with thin hair suitable universal multistage haircut "cascade", which involves the separation of the strands in several steps. It gives the hair extra volume.
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