Pre-wash the hair and dry it out. This will help to get rid of the skin fat and make it easier to slide machines. If you cut an unwashed head, the machine will be clogged, and the blades blunted. And can cause irritation on the skin due to the ingress of dirt particles, because the conduct of the machines the head can be formed mikrotreschinki.
Select the length of the nozzle and fix it on the blade. If the nozzle is not used, hair length will be minimal, but not after the machine. Number of nozzles indicates the hair length after haircuts, for example, when using the first nozzle you will get a length of 1 mm.
Turn on the machine to the network and click. If you are using the machine for the first time, do not forget to lubricate the blade oil provided with the kit. Lubricate chassis cars need about once a month.
Start from the nape, moving smoothly forward. If the machine cuts badly, try to put another attachment, which leaves a greater length. Cut the main part of the regrown hair, I can put the nozzle, which you had planned to get a haircut.
Remove the attachment and align whiskey and neck without it. If desired, you can use a conventional machine, but this machine is much safer. After a hair cut, head wash and apply an antibacterial lotion, it will help to avoid irritation of the skin.