You will need
  • - scissors
  • comb
  • - clipper hair
  • - razor
The easiest way to open your home Barber shop would be to buy clippers for hair. It is inexpensive and quickly justifies the price. If your husband, father or son prefer short simple haircut, then using machines, you will quickly learn how to cut men.Before you practice, observe how the cuts are professional. Find videos online about how to cut men or go to the salon peeped furtively for hairdressers.
Proceed to the first self-haircut is best during the holidays or on weekends, so in case of failure, your man did not go to work unhappy. But I hope that your haircut will be.Before you start, be sure to discuss with a man's future haircut. Perhaps he will give you good advice and explain in detail how you need to prune it. Determine the desired length of hair at the crown, occipital and temporal lobes, and select in accordance with this attachment for cars.
Start the haircut from the top and the largest nozzle. Try not to hurry and thoroughly to remove all excess hair. "Marriage in men"s short hair cut is noticeable, so it is better to spend some times on the same section of hair.Neck and temples cut small nozzle. Make smooth movements, try to smooth out the difference in length, a little lifting the machine from the head, when from the bottom up will be to cut the occipital area.
Last make sure to trim for hair growth. Machine without a nozzle, click on the border of hair growth, carefully treat the areas behind the ears. Be careful not to break the line of hair growth.Carefully consider the result of their work and allow the man to assess the haircut from all sides. I hope that you and your man will be satisfied with the haircut. Over time you will learn how to cut men confidently and quickly and can forget about monthly costs to the hairdresser.