You will need
  • 1.Scissors for cutting hair
  • 2.Machine for hair
  • 3.Comb
It is not necessary to decide on a self - haircut, if you decided to radically change the image. To change the caret on ultrashort haircut better than the professional, but if for good mood and new hairstyles just enough to shorten the hair, then.
First you need to stock up on the appropriate scissors. It is best to find these in a special "hair" set. There you will find not only a sharp pair of scissors, and clippers for hair and a comb. To do this, go to the beauty shop or haberdashery Department, there will certainly be a matching set. The scissors in this set is very comfortable to hold in hand and to master the machine is very easy, but very easy to trim the hairline at the nape and temples. This tool will especially appreciate the owner of haircuts.
The next important step is shampooing the hair during the haircut must be clean. Dry your hair until slightly damp condition and carefully untangle the strands. Smooth wet hair will give a better view of what and how you cut
It's time to ensure that you are very well seen from all sides. Very convenient to install themselves in front of the mirror-carrying medium in size, and occupy so that behind you was the biggest and the review mirror in the apartment. But if you have a dressing table – the best variant not to find.
Are you ready to make the first decisive move with the scissors. Don't worry: it will be harder than your hand, the better the result. Even if you want to cut just a dozen centimeters, for once, you do not need. Optimally to cut off 2-3 inches. So you will be able to notice possible for a beginner a marriage work and correct the situation.