You will need
  • Clipper hair, comb, scissors with blunt ends, relaxed and confident in their actions, parents (one cuts, the other holds on his knees and distracting), baby in a good mood.
Decide the length of the haircut. To get started, install the nozzle of the machine to its maximum height (usually 12-15 mm).
Sit child on your knees dad, grandmother or grandfather - that is, to whom he trusts more. Turn first haircut of baby is an interesting game. You can arrange watching a favorite cartoon on TV. As an option - along with a baby seated in front of a large mirror so he will see your actions and stop worrying. Be confident, even if you don't have a chance to cut. The child is sensitive to your anxiety.
Start cutting from the back, lifting the comb the strands of her hair up, so they do not get entangled in the knives of the machine. Keep the nozzle in contact with the surface tightly to the head, not at an angle.
Gradually move on to trimming the front, then the parietal. As a result, you will get a clean cut across the head. You can also do the edging (step 6).
You can also set the attachment at 6-9 mm, and sweep again to the bottom of the cutting, pre-determining the transition boundary. At the transition of bring the typewriter with a little rounding, i.e. at an angle to the head, that did not clear the border.
Optionally, do the edging, which will give the hairstyle a finished appearance. Be careful not to push the machine much to the head. If knives are sharp, there is a risk to cut the delicate skin.
After the haircut sure to wash all tools and brush knives machine that lasts longer.
Be sure to praise the baby and do compliment his new haircut. The next time the baby will cut much more readily.