Installation on cut hair length range from 0.5 to 41 mm. See these characteristics of the cars in the included instructions and choose the right model. Pay attention to the quality stainless steel blades. If they are protected by special trains, it will make the device more durable.
To machine for shearing a beard and moustache last a long time, after 2-3 times of use, lubricate the support of the rubbing knife blades with a special oil. If the knife is hot, it is also necessary to lubricate. To get rid of the hassle, buy a camera with a self-lubricating blades, Teflon coated blades.
High speed movement of the knives will help you to save time for a haircut, but will require more skill. Let's see how many attachments included with the machine for the cutting of the beard. The optimal number of them – 4-5 PCs.
There is a network, storage network and storage devices for haircuts. Network devices are more reliable, but they are not always convenient to use because of the cord. Rechargeable cars will run 40-60 minutes before they need recharging. It lasts 8-10 hours. The best option – rechargeable-network. Use them as you wish.
Machines for clipper mustache and beard used for thinning, trimming and shaping facial hair men. Some models have a special container for cut hair, which makes the process neat and more convenient.
You can buy precision trimmer – this special attachment to the machine, which is very good to trim the beard, sideburns and moustache. To draw the contours of the sideburns and beard, produce a special edging machine. Some electric razors have built-flip slim edged knife.
Many models of clippers for haircuts hair contain the set of nozzles, suitable for the care of the moustache and the beard.