Increasing the amount of saliva that gets in the body, not dangerous, but it cannot occur by itself. When the reason is not clear, to stop the salivation is difficult - hypersalivation (valoria, ptyalism) - accompanies many pathological conditions. You must resolve the reason for the glands that produce saliva once again began to function normally.
This disease is observed in some women in the first half of pregnancy and complicates swallowing and articulation, but disappears after birth and not an effect. Sometimes it can occur when angina and runs with them. The reason for hypersalivation can be a side effect that occurs after taking certain medications. If you are undergoing treatment, check out and instructions on medicines and ask the doctor to replace them if salivation bothers you very much.
When you start to use removable dentures, you also may experience excess saliva. In this case you must endure some time. After a mechanical adjustment to the denture salivation returns to normal.
At pathologies of the salivary glands to rectify the situation will help a surgical procedure which produce a reconstruction of salivary flow with breeding their holes directly in the throat. But many doctors against this method. It is more justified for neuromuscular diseases such as cerebral palsy. The change of the course of the salivary duct in this case gives a better effect than treatment with anticholinergic drugs.
When you notice this symptom, try to eat and drink in small SIPS - this will help to halt the excessive flow of saliva. But you better not pull – consult your doctor. The reason this can be such a serious disease as cadmium poisoning, acid, mercury accumulation in the body excessive amount of zinc, rabies and many other dangerous conditions.