You will need
  • - nylon thread;
  • soap or tar;
  • - awl;
  • - thin hook;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Prepare the thread. It is best for flashing soles suitable nylon with a thickness of about 5-6 mm. in order to not fluffed up, RUB it with soap or tar.
In the absence of Sheila, use a sharpened spoke. A hook can be anything, but best of all for flashing Shoe fits fine knitting. It can replace a piece of wire with a hooked end.
Mark the seam line of the future. She must step back from the edge of the sole inside is not less than 5 mm, otherwise the thread will gradually become thinner from the friction on the asphalt. For accuracy, we can draw a line with a piece of soap or tailor's chalk.
Insert an awl in the sole in the place where you are going to make the first stitch. The awl needs to pierce the soles from outside to inside at an angle of about 45 degrees. The inlet is located on the outer surface of the candle, exit on the inside.
Fold the thread intended for sewing, half. Formed by bending the loop to attach to only that done by the awl hole inside the Shoe. Through the outer opening of the guide hook and throw him a loop. Pull it out, then pull one of the ends to spread the thread.
5-7 mm in the same way make the second hole. Also swipe from outside to inside through the hook and fit the loop formed from the folded half of the free end of the thread inside the Shoe. Pull the loop out and push in her free outer end of the nylon left over from the first stitch. Tighten it.
Make the third hole and repeat the steps above. For securing the seam at the end of the process, do a few reverse stitches. Tie the nylon and cut off excess, leaving a short end.