First make pattern sock. All you need to do a pattern of four parts, which will consist of a toe, namely the upper part of the toe, back and heel, rubber sock and sole. Choose a thin fabric and knit – she should be good to go. But remember that working with stretchy fabric harder. It is best to use for sewing of socks, some old knit sweater you no longer wear.
Remove the measurements from the feet, make paper patterns of all parts and, using chalk or soap, place them on the fabric. You can find on the Internet ready patterns, but it may happen that the size of the pattern does not coincide with the size of your foot. Therefore, the finished pattern adjust your size. Carefully cut.
First, sew the elastic band of the sock. To do this, cut the fabric into a rectangle that is the length to match the circumference of your ankle. The width of the select arbitrarily. Now sew the short side of the rectangle. Shivaite them so that the seam was inside the gum.
Now start sewing the bottom part of the sock and the heel. To do this, connect the arcuate side of the bottom part and heel. Again shivaite so that the seam was inside, nothing outside should not hang around.
Now connect the top of the sock with the bottom sole, to do this, sew the upper part of both parts, and then the top of the sock stretch for the bottom of the sock. Sew all the parts of the sock. It is best if you will stitch on the sewing machine.
If you are going to sew the items manually, there is a high probability that you put the seam uneven. As well as the tissue you are stretching and will fit tightly to the leg, all the bumps will be very clearly seen, and the beauty of your socks is not increased. So it is better to just gently sew the details on the machine, given that all the stitches should be kept inside a sock (to be sewing on the wrong side).
Now connect the elastic band of the sock with the rest. Remove the sock on the front side.
Now, acting on the same algorithm, vykroyte and sew the second sock. To distinguish between left and right sock, the seams on the rubber bands make a mirror.
Socks ready. Wear them with pleasure!