You will need
  • leather for patches;
  • - acetone;
  • glue.
Select the method of bonding is necessary, depending on the defect to be corrected. Try to put on shoes the patch, if the nature of the damage allows you to do this. Take any piece of leather, cut it to the necessary form, given the allowance it needs to be a few millimeters larger than the damaged area.
Abrade the surface before applying the adhesive from dirt and slide degreasing. Do this with soaked in acetone swab. After this process is designed for bonding surfaces with sandpaper – so the surface give the roughness to the glue had something to hold onto. For rigidity you can fill the shoes with paper or Shoe insert.
Apply glue to the area where you will apply the patch. The method of application will depend on its type. Some of the varieties of adhesive may be applied in one thin coat, then give him a little bit to dry and connect the surface. The use of any other types may need to do things differently: apply the first layer of glue is left for drying. Then applied a second coat, a little too dried, and now the surface should be as hard as you can push each other.
Connect the surface, smeared with clay, and create a burden for them. For example, a Shoe or boot can be tightly bandaged, or pulling the top leg of the chair, like "shoes" it. The leg will commit the patch in one place and it will crush her with his weight, providing a tighter grip. This method is safer, but you should be careful shoes may be deformed, if the pressure is wrong. To harden the adhesive may be from three to ten hours, the exact time indicated on the package. After complete curing of the product, you can start to use it.
If necessary, the sealing Shoe we can talk not only about the damage to the top of the product. Often damage is the sole detached from the Shoe. Treat the surfaces, which must be applied the glue, soaked in acetone swab. Wipe with a clean cloth. Apply the first layer of glue and leave to harden. After that glue the elements of a good press towards each other and lock in this position.