In the first place, is correctly selected diet. To reduce the calorie content by reducing the volume of food consumed in this case is inappropriate. Pounds back quickly, and it is likely that you will gain more than he lost. In this case, the ideal protein diet. The fact is that carbs are very quickly digested, but it does not give a feeling of satiety. For girls wishing to lose weight and get rid of the hated cellulite, rolls and sweets – number one enemy. But I would like to warn you, if you decide to try a diet with restriction of carbs, the quick results don't wait. The weight will go a long time, but steadily.
Give preference to dairy products (without sugar), porridge on the water, vegetables, lean meat or fish, bread is not recommended, but if you really want, choose varieties of flour. Avoid sugar, sweets, potatoes, pasta, starchy foods, too sweet fruits (banana, grapes, pear), carbonated drinks of any kind. When selecting products, carefully read labels and choose those with the least carbohydrate.
Sport is a compulsory component. Annual subscriptions to the fitness clubs are expensive, but do not have to buy a map of the full cycle, because there are daytime, evening, weekend. Go, ask, managers will help you to choose the option that suits you.
But the charging can be done at home. The book by Felix Schmitt and Cynthia Tivers Feet world standard is effective six-week program coordinated legs, buttocks and hips. The book is written in accessible language, all the exercises require no special equipment and large space. If you don't want to read, buy video shaping or aerobics, run in the morning. Alternatively, you can sign up for dancing – it will help not only to keep yourself in shape, but also develop flexibility, improve posture.
Anti-cellulite cream in conjunction with the sports and therapeutic massage of problem areas will give slender legs and hips, and the skin - smooth and elastic. Do not forget about the sauna. Besides weight loss it has several other healing properties. The sauna contributes to the full opening of the sweat pores and sebaceous glands, helping to excrete toxins. The result is a complete cleansing of the body, normalize metabolic processes, improves the function of all organs. However, there are a number of contraindications, one of which is hypertension. Therefore, before you visit talk with your doctor.
A properly selected wardrobe will help to visually reduce volume of hips. Try to choose clothes in such a way as to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses. Women with full figure are skirts, dresses, pants casual, if you buy jeans they should be a classic shape (straight-cut) or bell bottoms.
Dark colors slim, but do not overdo it. Dark skirt or trousers would be appropriate to wear a shirt or a jacket of bright colors, play on the contrast. Do not wear robes. Get used to heels is not only feminine and pretty, but optically elongates the legs, making the thighs appear slimmer. Emphasize the waist. Is the best fit wide belts. Try to choose slim models of jackets and coats. In fact, the presence of the hips makes a woman a woman so ashamed of it is not worth it. Most importantly - keep yourself in hand and ensure not to go beyond the permissible limits.