Advice 1: How to remove the extra inches in the hips

To be slim and beautiful is the dream of almost every woman. Extra inches can sometimes become an obstacle in achieving this dream. One constantly struggling with this problem, and others just suddenly want to change the image and instantly become irresistible and slender. So, what are the ways to get rid of unwanted inches on the hips , one of the most common places fat deposits?
How to remove the extra inches in the hips
Some people think that dieting is pointless, but it's not. Only diet for quick weight loss not useful for the removal of fatty deposits on the hips. To achieve the result you need to constantly adhere to several principles of nutrition:
• There are a lot of fruits and vegetables (ideally, they should be 2/3 of the food which is consumed per day).
• Reduce consumption of salt and seasonings (they retain fluid in the body).
• Ensure a sufficient intake of vitamin E (found in eggs and vegetable oil).
• Reduce the consumption of bread (up to 5 pieces a week) and replace it with bread, which is bran.
• Drink about two liters of water per day water flushes out toxins from the body).
• Once a week to arrange fasting day.
Without it is impossible to reduce the size in the hips – massage promotes good blood circulation and fat burning. The efficiency will be visible if to massage daily (preferably morning and evening). Misconception: the more you stretch and RUB the skin, the better. Such effects may be bruising to leave, and the skin to stretch. Properly RUB the skin with your hands, a soft brush or massage gloves to avoid painful sensations. Grind need in the direction from bottom to top. Doing massage regularly, you can see the effect after a couple of weeks.
Good results can be achieved through running, jumping rope, swimming and Cycling. Of course, provided that the exercises will also be performed regularly. When running you can wrap hip wrap and then this problem will sweat, and sweat out the liquid that was in the fatty tissues. In the end, the hip size is reduced.
Using wraps improves metabolism and accelerates blood circulation. Also, provided not only the loss of a few centimeters in volume hips, and excellent skin condition. For greater efficiency, you need to drink (before and during the procedure) a few liters of water. Then, together with the water will be more harmful substances. During the wrap, and after him to eat – but my stomach is cleansing. After the procedure you have to avoid sun on the skin. This method can be used not more than 3 times a week, and it has a number of contraindications.
Integrated and regular use of these methods will help you to achieve effective results and to realize long-held dreams into reality!

Advice 2 : How to remove inches from the hips

So, tortured superfluous centimetres on hips, and soon a trip to the sea, and on the beach I want to look cool? Everything is in your hands, dear women! You have such a force as diet and sports. You just need to take care of their figure, to have three or four months, a little perseverance and a set of healthy products.
How to remove inches from the hips
Bit of a problem. If you have the extra just 2 centimeters in volume, they are easy to remove for three days. You just need to remove the excess fluid that has accumulated in your body. With this simple do anti-cellulite gels and creams, containing in its composition components, which promote lymphatic drainage. You can use body wraps with blue clay or mixture of liquid honey and salt. To achieve the effect of wrapping must be done 5 days in a row. You always need to remember that trap moisture meats and salty foods, and drink alcohol, black tea, coffee, so they have to be deleted.
The problem of average complexity. If you have the extra 4 inches in volume. Here five days is not enough. Nine days will it take for you to achieve the desired goal. In addition to the extra liquids you have a lot of toxins, so without diet can not do. Very good absorbs the liquid Fig. It goes well with different dietary products. In addition to rice, use vegetables and fruits as well as legumes, poultry, lean meat, cheese. Limit the use of salt. Nothing fry. Eat 4-5 times a day, every three hours. Your dinner should be not later than four hours before bedtime.
The real problem is. If you have the extra 6 inches in length, you will need 17 days to get rid of excess fat. And then in addition to diet necessarily need physical activity.
But where do you start, if you have the extra 6 or more inches in volume?* Correct power system using products that do not retain fluid in the body. Exclude smoked, fried. Canned food and fast food. Do not use "white death": salt and refined sugar. Try to keep vegetables and fruits in the diet was 60%. Cook oatmeal in water using vegetable oil and butter, do not use any fat and margarine. Only lean meat and chicken. Drink green tea, pure water, fruit drinks from fresh fruits and dried fruits.* Be sure to exercise and, whenever possible, to move: to climb without a lift, walk to work and from work on foot at least a couple of stops, to dance actively with the music. Sports should bring you pleasure no matter what kind of sports: running, fitness, gym. Doing you get energy, and your body sheds off extra pounds and tightened. Start with 20 minutes and increase sessions to 1 hour. To protect yourself from stretch marks and injuries pick up a special sports clothes.* Be sure to use a strengthening and firming body cream to prevent stretch marks and saggy skin.
Through proper diet and exercise you can really lose weight in 3 months for 6 pounds, to find harmony and tighten the figure.
Good luck to you!
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