Sightseeing holiday

This type of holiday is very popular among many people, because you can enjoy the sights, feel the atmosphere of different kinds of museums, etc. a Lot of interesting things can be seen in France, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain. In these countries there is a huge amount of beautiful architecture, museums, statues, castles and other things.

If you want to make a lot of interesting pictures, choose Italy. There is romantic Venice, brutal Coliseum, Bologna towers and castles of Milan. That there is only one fantastic leaning tower of Pisa, tilted to the side. And the luxurious Naples can be very familiar with the amazing Europe.

For those who do not want to splurge too much, but longs to enjoy different elegant monuments may be sent to the Czech Republic. In Prague, you can find ancient castles, palaces and ancient architecture. Having developed enough to interesting places, you can look at a cafe or restaurant and can dine inexpensively.

Another cheap country to travel is Spain. Although the tours here are more expensive than in the Czech Republic, but the prices of hotels and other similar services is significantly lower than in the UK, Germany and Austria. You can visit the majestic monastery of El Escorial, one of the best museums of the world Prado and look at the unusual architecture of Barcelona created by Gaudi.

If necessary, the atmosphere of romance and love, it is better France nothing to find. Nobody will be disappointed on seeing the Royal castles in the Loire valley. Those who want to expand their horizons can visit the world's best museums in the world, located in Paris.

Beach vacation

If we talk about relaxing on the beach, many will immediately say the correct answer is Egypt and Turkey. Indeed, in these countries there are all conditions for a beach holiday. However, apart from them, there are a lot of other great places. For example, well, you can relax on the beaches of Croatia. Here the clearest water in the Mediterranean sea. And when she wants to hide from the sun, it offers pine forests that surround the beaches of this country.

The coast of Montenegro, a quarter consists only of the beaches. In these places, the excellent service and extremely clean water. Here you can relax with the whole family and diving as the wave in local waters rarely rise above two feet.

Spain is another place that is perfect for a beach holiday. It is in this country is Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Costa Brava. The cost of staying here is not so low, but it's worth it, because it is a world-class beach resorts.

Winter holidays

If you have decided to travel abroad in the winter, then choose South America, South-East Asia. When in Europe, all buried in snow here — the height of summer. Go to Goa, Bali, Thailand or the Dominican Republic. In these countries, to have a rest abroad in the winter best. This way you will be able to extend the summer and visit the white beaches and tropical forests.