So work was not lost, save the document as often as possible. You can save files to the Windows folder - My documents or other folders you've created on your hard disk yourself.
Way to save files of almost all programs are the same. Consider the example of the program Word Pad. Click start - All programs - accessories - Word Pad. Type into the document any text. Log in to the File menu and select Save. You can also use by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl + S. a dialog box Appears in which to specify the file name, its type, and save location. Click Save when finished. Again if you work with this document and to make changes to it, you will need to save it again, but the dialog box will not appear.
To save space and time save documents in the correct folders. Use the document that we saved in Word Pad. On the File menu, select Save as. In the newly appeared dialog box you can select another location to save the file. For example, hard disk S. In the center pane of the window you will see all the folders and files located on your hard drive. Here you can select a new folder to save the file. Click Save. The document is preserved in the new location. Because you have already saved this file to another folder, the saved file now is a copy. The previous version remains in the old folder.
Many programs let you save files in different formats. For example, if you want to forward the file to someone who uses a different text editor. Open Word Pad - Save as. By default the file is saved in RTF format. If you want to save the file in text document format, select in the file Type Text document and click Save. There are many formats in which to save the document, for example .doc or .html.