Online services

Conversion tool to convert books and files suitable online tool that will help to quickly cope with the desired task. Among the free converters can be noted or Each of these services represents the base tools to carry out the conversion.

Open a page of any of the services and click on the "Choose file" or "Browse". Then, specify the path to books FB2, you want to convert. If you use the site fb2pdf, additionally you can specify image size and other settings for formatting text in a PDF. These parameters can be identified automatically during the operation.

After that, click "Convert" and wait for the format change. Click the link "Download" with the name of your file and choose a location to save the resulting document. Open the resulting PDF file and check it for errors. If necessary, repeat the procedure of conversion, but with a few other settings.


If you often convert FB2 file to PDF, you can use specialized software. For example, the application FB2Any allows you to convert FB2 books not only in PDF, but also TXT, RTF, LIT, etc. Download the app from official website and run the downloaded installer. After finishing installation, run the application using the desktop shortcut. Then right click on the file you want to convert, and select the context menu item " Convert to *.pdf. Specify the location to save the document, and after a few seconds, the desired file will be saved and you can open it for inspection.

Among other programs to perform the conversion we can note such applications as FB2 Converter and Calibre. Install any of these programs, download it from the official website of the developer. After that, run the application and specify the path to the file you want to convert, and specify where to save the PDF and basic layout settings. Hit Convert (Load and wait for the conversion procedure. After prompted, the program file will appear in the chosen place or in the same folder where was located the original document.