Find out, not whether you bought clothes to those types of products that the laws are non-refundable with proper quality. You can't return underwear, and any clothes from the time of purchase where it took more than fourteen days. Also when returning to the store on clothing should not be worn or must be preserved labels.
Please contact the store with the goods for exchange and cheque. If any document is missing, look for other evidence of the purchase. For example, you can bring a witness you purchasing clothes in this store.
Inform the seller that you want to return the item. At your discretion you can get back the money spent or to exchange the goods for similar cost. Note that if you bought the goods on sale, you will be able to return only the amount that you paid for yourself, even if after the sale the prices for purchased goods increased.
If the seller for whatever reason, denies you, contact your Manager or the store Manager if the outlet is small. Explain the situation to them again. It is possible that more qualified employees are more adequately perceived desire to replace the product.
When the categorical unwillingness of the administration to go towards you, contact the society for the protection of the rights of consumers at the place of residence. There you will be able to obtain legal advice about the script your future actions.
If we are talking about a very expensive purchase, take the seller to court. Judicial decisions and meeting can take up to six months or more. In the case of a loss claim, you will bear the costs associated with court actions. It is also advisable to hire a lawyer or Hoth would be several occasions to meet with him to discuss strategy in the court, which will help you to get the money back for the purchase.