You will need
  • commodity or cashier's check;
  • - the passport.
If store-bought thing (non-food goods) for any reason, you did not, bring it back to the store. On your side the Federal Law on consumer rights No. 212, where, in accordance with article 25, you can exchange the goods of proper quality. For this you need to contact the store within two weeks from the date of purchase. The thing itself must be marketable: saved tags and labels, packing should be no traces of use to this thing. Save and check, and if he lost, bring someone who can confirm purchase.
If to returned goods the seller has no claims, you will be refunded the cost of things. If you want to change thing for the same cost, for example, a different size or color, you still have to make a return. And then again to make a purchase. Just don't forget the passport, without which to return the product impossible.
But the Law protects the rights of not only the buyer but also the seller. Return and exchange is not every thing. For example, after buying a car, household appliances, furniture, technically sophisticated products to return them to the store very difficult. They are subject to safeguards, the period within which you can apply for free repair. No exchange and return of medicines, personal hygiene items, perfumes and cosmetics, underwear, socks and tights. If you have good reason to believe that originally sold you faulty equipment, you can order an independent examination. If its findings match with yours, the seller will be obliged to accept the goods back, refund you, including the costs of expert advice.
If you want to change the item in good condition after use on any similar goods or something else, use resources, where to sell and change things in new and pre-owned. For example, the child stroller to sell which makes no sense - it is inexpensive, but can be changed, for example, for a package of new diapers. There you can share new things that cannot be taken to the shop, but can be exchanged for a similar product, suitable size, color, etc.