Log in to 1C exclusively.
On the panel main menu, select "Operations / management of accounting results".
In the window "Management of accounting results" in the first line "Calculation set" indicates the current setting of the calculation results, i.e. to what quarter the accounting results calculated in the program.
In the second line "Set calculation" is specified quarter, which will be set as the new boundary of the support of the outcome.
The third line of the window "Management of accounting results" and click "Complete recalculation of the outcome". With it made a calculation of all accounting, the results of the earlier operations, which were conducted at the beginning of the program and to set in this mode, the quarter – boundaries support the outcome.
Select with up or down arrow in the second line of the window "Management of accounting results" preceding the quarter for which you wish to recalculate totals and complete the work with this period.
Click on the "Complete recalculation of the outcome". The program will start the process, the movement of which you can see in the information line at the bottom of the desktop program.
After recalculation of the outcome, click "Set" day. The program installs the current period. I.e. the specified quarter will be moved to the top line "Calculation results", and the second line will appear after the selected period of the quarter. Ie, the program will make the conversion to the outcome of the quarter, which you pointed out and now you have the opportunity to work in the current period.
Click on the "Exit" button, close the dialog.
If necessary, restart the program.