Open "My computer" and locate the folder where the base documents of the organization with which you are already working. To view the location of this directory is possible when you run the program "1C". In the selection window, view the path to an already connected database, then go to this folder using Windows Explorer. You can use the search by the operating system files to find the files, but, as practice shows, among the various files on the hard disk is often difficult to find interesting information.
Make a copy of the existing database to the new folder. Name the folder for the new database so that it is clear which enterprise it refers. It is necessary that you do not accidentally delete this directory. Can also an additional copy of the database to save to external storage media.
Start at "1C" selection box, and click on the "Add" button. Specify the path to the new directory by clicking on the button with the three dots. Give an appropriate name for the new database. Click "OK" and wait for the download of the program.
Set up a new database under a new organization. Enter information about the organization to "Service", edit the journals and reference books. Enter new employees into the appropriate directory. You can enter any information in the software. In the subsequent it will be possible to make many changes, or simply delete unwanted categories.