You will need
  • computer;
  • - installed software 1C.
Run 1C, select your database and select "Configurator", then select "Users". From the list, select the user, click on his name, right click, select "Properties". Change his rights. Save the changes.
Perform a backup of the md file's metadata to maintain transactions in 1C. Go to the Configurator, select the "permissions" tab, select the permission set and modify the necessary items to activate the transaction in 1C: Enterprise. Next, go to user mode. Go to the posting log, select "Actions", click "Insert transaction" or press F8.
Complete the journal entry on the basis of primary documents. To do this, select the document "Operation" and carry out the necessary wiring. With the introduction of the document in the journal transaction is generated automatically, based on the details you've installed.
To view the transactions generated for a specific document, select "journal entries", select the document title, e.g. "Receipt of materials". Please note that in the posting window, you will not be able to make any changes. Combines one or more transactions.
First, open the transaction to view existing Postings, click on "Open" operation on the toolbar. In this window you can also see the date, amount, number and content of the operation. The document for which you successfully completed transaction are marked with a red pointer. If the document is not held, this means that there are no accounting entries. When certain operations are performed, the document is printed in advance, and it is unknown whether or not this business transaction, there is not a transaction.
To disable this feature, click the row of the document, right-click, click "to Do not approved", then select "Yes". To enable transaction document, open it by double-clicking in the details window, click the "OK"button.