First of all, stop scolding her husband and feeling sorry for myself. Think sensibly, what were the reasons for his departure, and some of these reasons are hidden in you.
Remember, did you try to re-educate the man, to make him more comfortable for yourself? Or maybe you gave him enough love and attention, was inattentive to his needs? Many things could cause the departure of the husband from home, and you should self-critically aware of them.
Remember how often my husband recently spoiled the mood, and what caused it. Take man as he really is, let him know that you are not going to change it, and that you are attentive to his desires and inclinations.
Talking with a man, avoid screaming, tantrums, tears, and complaints. Do not induce in him a sense of guilt – it will only spoil the situation. Keep talking about your relationship to scandal – try to make it quiet, thoughtful and respectful.
Let the husband know that you appreciate all of his qualities, first and foremost, of freedom of action and expression. Admit that something was wrong – perhaps the husband in the answer to admit they were wrong. Learn to listen to each other and respect each other. Only mutual understanding and respect can be the basis of a strong relationship.
Much more difficult is to regain the love of a former husband, if he is not gone just so, and to his mistress. This almost always means that he wants to find another woman what it lacks in you. You need to determine what features you lack, and gradually to demonstrate them to my husband to let him know you as well as his mistress, but much better. Do not build intrigues, adventures and conspiracies – it will only make him push you away.
Just be attractive, understanding, mysterious – in short, to be what he once loved you. Give my husband the most attention, not hinting at his party connection. Calmly and with dignity to play the role of loving wife and husband will soon realize what he loses, and get back to you.