Refrain from reproaches, accusations and jealousy. In most cases, such negative aspects overshadow the relationship and contribute to the cooling of feelings. Try to solve problems calmly and by compromise, without spoiling the mood of yourself, or your man. And the feeling of jealousy generally stop show.
Be at every meeting in a good mood and full dress. But stay a little mysterious. Let men will have confidence that you have in life there are many pleasant events and interesting meetings. Do not show, that bind exclusively to his parish.
Let your man loose. This does not mean that you have to bless him on dates with other women, but also to follow him around and constantly harass with phone calls and not worth it. Over time, he just may be bored.
From time to time do not respond to the calls of his men and refuse of dates, citing urgent business. Because of this you will show your lover that you live a full, rich life, and can't run out at the first call. Thus, he will seek a meeting with you, and not Vice versa. But often refuse Dating is still not to be.
A pleasant surprise his lover, to maintain his interest. Woman that a man knows everything, can quickly become bored. This applies not only to the sexual sphere, but also your Hobbies, work. But do not change yourself.
Demonstrate healthy confidence in his attractiveness to the opposite sex. Even if you have complexes about their appearance, don't mention them in the man. Confident woman always looks more attractive.
Let your man the opportunity to make decisions for both of you and take care of you, because to be the main lies in their nature. If a decision does not suit you, try to convince the man in reverse so that he remained confident that he came to the desired conclusion.