You will need
  • - eggs;
  • - sugar or sugar;
  • acid.
Freshness acluche just beat the eggs that are at least 3-4 days. Fresh egg protein "thicker" and whipped harder, giving less volume. The eggs are "older" protein thinner, and though the foam from it less stable, but its more.
The office will alcapone that separate chilled white from the yolk much easier than warm, so keep eggs in the refrigerator until the moment you are going to break them. Don't let any yolk into the bowl with the squirrels, he will not allow them to take the right amount. If still a bit of it fall into the tank, remove the patches with half the eggshell. In any case, do not try this with your fingers, even if you believe in their absolute purity. Your skin always has some fat, but it also prevents the formation of foam.
Temperature belcaire the whisking, bring the whites to room temperature. Yes, the cold whites whipped faster, but give a warm rich lush and persistent foam, they have more air bubbles.
Postapostolic spotlessly clean and dry bowl of glass, stainless steel or copper. Plastic utensils often absorb fat and moisture. Even a few drops of water can ruin your meringue. It is therefore not recommended to beat squirrels in areas with high humidity.
Speed mixerlayout beat the protein at low speed, gradually moving to the middle. The more you whip the foam, the smaller the bubbles in it and the more they produce more, which increases the volume and gives a stable structure.
Introduction Saharan introduce sugar or powdered sugar before I start whipping protein. Such actions will lead to the fact that the time you spend on getting a stable foam will be doubled. On average, one protein put at least 2 tablespoons of sugar. When you pour all the sand, still whisking, take some foam and RUB between your fingers. It should feel smooth with no grains, but not too hard. If you feel the crystals of sugar, continue whisking until they dissolve.
Stabilizatoriaus, such as lemon juice, cream of Tartar or vinegar, will serve as foam stabilizer. Use about ½ teaspoon of one of these ingredients for every 4 protein.