Advice 1: How to check the rack VAZ 2109

For normal and safe operation of the vehicle is required to conduct periodic maintenance. Faulty struts directly affect the safe operation of your vehicle, so be sure to check their status.
The front Desk
Checking the condition of the spring strut is simple, and can hold their own. Modern telescopic struts are sealed, and therefore when defects are detected they are replaced.

Check in motion

Initial validation of the struts of the car VAZ – 2109 carried out "by ear", when driving on a rough road. Extraneous knocks in the area of racks or "breakdown" suspension show their faults.

The faulty rack is replaced with a pair/

If the front or the rear of the car much swinging or as they say, "dancing", it also means that the dampers have failed and should be replaced.

The basic test

A further test is carried out with the vehicle stationary. This requires strong pressure on the body above each bar. The normal racks car should make no more than one oscillatory motion.

Next, conduct an external inspection of all racks. Working on the shock absorbers should be of the flows of liquid, any damage or deformation. Then check out the spring struts for cracks or damage.

If the suspension is continuously triggered until the stop "breaks", it means that the springs have worn out and must be replaced. To operate such a car is impossible, because you can deform the body.

Then check the condition of the cups the springs for cracks or deformation. Damper compression must also be an integer and should not have mechanical damage.

Before disassembling the strut, you must compress the spring puller/

Taken from the vehicle strut Assembly to be disassembled and a thorough inspection and Troubleshooting. Shock struts should be dry and clean, without any traces of wear. Before installing the shock absorber must be checked.

Test ride of the stock shock absorbers held in a vertically mounted rack. In the bottom hole for the mounting bolt to insert a large screw driver, step on it and pull the stock up or push down. On a good absorber rod moves smoothly, without jamming or failures.

When checking the thrust bearing it should spin easily and silently, and also not have cracks or damage. Worn out dampers need to be replaced.

Advice 2: How to change rear struts on VAZ 2109

Drive the car with faulty shock absorbers is fraught with fast wear of tires, hub bearings, suspension parts, and, in addition, can cost you your life in a significant increase in stopping distance.

Car suspension, shock absorbers

Since the invention of the first cars their design was constantly improved and become more complex. The original cars had leaf spring suspension, but gradually manufacturers added additional elements, both mechanical and hydraulic, pneumatic and even electric. Allowing currently to make drive more comfortable, as well as to increase its manageability and security.

An important role in the suspension of vehicles play the absorbers. They were invented in the last century and made a splash in the automotive industry. During the trip they dampen vibration on rough roads and provide her with a better grip.

Resource absorbers, replacing conditions

But, like every detail and mechanism of the car, the shock absorbers have a comprehensive resource. The average is from 30 to 50 thousand km mileage of the car, and the more they serve is extremely rare. In fact, a lot depends on the manufacturer of shock absorbers, quality, riding style. For verification it is recommended to either refer to the service employees or to perform a series of simple steps.

The rack should be replaced if you find them drips oil, a knocking in the suspension when driving (with the condition that all other suspension parts are OK). You can also do this test: wiggle the car to make sure that the shock absorbers dampen vibrations. However, the latter action can only detect completely non-functional details.

Replacing rear struts on VAZ 2109

So, you found that on your domestic VAZ 2109 it is time to replace the rear rack. If you're not going to trust the professionals from auto repair, to prepare necessary tools, Jack, and, of course, you should buy new struts. Change them in pairs, since one axle they should be identical. In addition, may need new supplies to replace the old, namely, the set of upper bushings or buffers.

Originally from the top of the trunk should remove the cap from the strut. Then applied two keys – one unscrews the nut, the other holds the strut shaft so it cannot rotate. The next step, Unscrew the nut from the bottom of the shock absorber in place of its attachment to the bracket of the rear beam. For a complete dismantling of the rear shock absorber beam is pressed downwards, which gives the opportunity to take it out.

Then you need to remove the rubber gasket from the Cup top mount Assembly, the dust cover of the shock absorber from the spring and buffer. In violation of the integrity of rubber parts of the shock absorber should be replaced.

Upon completion of the above steps, you are ready to build and install the new shock absorber. For this purpose, the absorber is fully pulled out the stem and it fixed the buffer, dust boot and metal cover. Also once the stock breaks through and nut. The shock absorber is attached to the bracket of the rear beam and it puts a spring. Further, any existing key sticking in the nut, the strut shaft is extended over the entire length. When the stock is out, Unscrew the nut.

To compress the springs under the back beam is mounted the Jack. Its slow lifting will pull the spring, will only guide the piston rod in a mounting opening and secure it with the nut. In the same manner, changing the second rear shock.

Advice 3: How to prune spring 2109

Changing springs on a non-standard, motorists are basically trying to raise or lower the ground clearance or the stiffness of the springs. One of the easiest ways to reduce the wheelbase to shorten, i.e. to cut a few turns standard springs. Can it be done independently?
How to prune spring 2109
Before you cut the springs on the VAZ, you need to think about the consequences. The spring stiffness is inversely proportional to the number of active coils. Circumcision turns you will change not only the deformation of the spring, but also its length. When shortening the springs on one turn length is reduced by one step revolution — and exchanged them for 48.22 mm, with two threads, respectively, on 96,44 mm When the free length of the spring 434 mm you will get the total length for standard springs — 294,427 mm to be clipped on a round — 260,164 mm two turns — 255,901 mm. from the change of the number of turns of the stiffness of the system increases in proportion to their removal.
Shortening the spring on two turns, you will increase its stiffness by 33% and reduce its length under a load of 13%. While the ground clearance is reduced by 40%.
Shortening the spring, do not count on a comparable resource with a standard spring because of the increased stress on the remaining coils. Do not shorten also used the springs, but better buy a new one.
The trimmed end of the spring rely on a Cup lower control arm front suspension, axle — rear suspension, but in any case not rely into the Cup body. If that happens, change the lever or digest a Cup is much easier than repairing the body.
In standard shock absorbers quietly cut the rear spring on a single turn. Of course, a small preload will be, but the spring does not fall out when the wheel is fully posted. If you cut more or make the springs shorter, then look for a shock with a shorter stem or move it below the mount using the appropriate bracket.
Cutting the spring, remember that the step of winding it to the end is reduced forming area for bearing. Cutting the coils, you will reduce this area and increase the stress on the Cup. To ensure uniform bearing clipped the springs on the Cup, let go of the last round. To do this, heat it to 600 degrees and let cool on the air. This procedure perform a gas burner to heat up only one end of the spring. Be very careful as it is likely to damage parts.

Advice 4: How to check the springs

Severe blows on the body of the axle beam when driving a loaded truck, shortness of traffic control talking about external manifestations of wear or breakage of the rear springs or front suspension. To avoid this, it is necessary to periodically test the springs, and how to do it?
How to check the springs
All springs depending on length and load 3425 N (350 kgf) is divided into two classes: class "A", the length of which is more than 278 mm and class "b", the length of which is less than or equal to 278 mm. In this case, coil springs "class b" on the outside of the coils are painted over with black paint, and a class "A" is not painted over at all.
Before testing, all parts should be thoroughly rinsed. Sleeve, protective coatings and rubber parts don't forget to protect from solvents. Then inspect every detail of the springs for cracks, mechanical damage and wear.
You need to check the length of each of the rear springs or front suspension in a free state, if the length of the spring is less than the maximum allowable standard value, then it must be replaced. Remember that the standard is equal of 44.00 mm length of a spring under a load of approximately 216 H of 35.00 mm and the length of the spring under load 451 N is 27,20 mm.
Now test the elastic characteristics of the spring itself by its control points, before tentatively holding it to the contact of the turns with each other. Then see whether there is deformation of the rear springs or front suspension, if it is, then it means that there is a reason its performance, so you need to replace the spring.
Then you should check spring for Squareness. If any crooked areas exceeds the upper limit standard value is 1.5° or less, it means that the spring has broken its properties and should be replaced.
There is another old method of checking springs. For this between two metal straps with bolts in the middle should hold the old and new springs and gradually tighten the nut of the bolt. If they are compressed to the same extent, so that the old spring is in good condition.
And finally, check the condition of the rubber support pads springs, rear or front suspension. In case of malfunction replace them with new ones.
Useful advice
If you need replacement springs, they should be replaced at the same time on both sides of the car.

Advice 5: How to test your hearing yourself

You think that you have worse hearing? Remember, do not hurt you in childhood rubella, mumps, influenza? Do you have deaf relatives? Weaken the ear for infectious diseases, heredity, and noise in the workplace, birth injuries. And with age, we hear all the worse, because the aging process in the hearing aid starts after 30-35 years. Check your hearing yourself. And the results of preliminary tests will decide whether you need the assistance of a physician audiologist.
Early detection of hearing problems helps prevent the gradual development of hearing loss and the onset of deafness
You will need
  • assistant;
  • is the tuning fork;
  • – baby rattle;
  • – Internet
Here is the simple test. Plug one ear with your finger. The person that checks your hearing, have to move away from you on 6 meters and whisper to call random numbers. If you correctly repeat them, then your hearing is normal.
If not, the reviewer must approach you closer and closer until you will be good to hear the called numbers. In this case, it is possible to suspect the hearing impairment. Then just check the other ear.
Sample Schwabach. You will also need an assistant – a person with normal hearing. Place between him and a tuning fork, hit it. If you will hear the sound when it doesn't hear your assistant is a symptom of so-called conductive hearing loss. If, on the contrary, he hears, and you are not – a sign of hearing loss sensorineural.
Sample Weber. Set the tuning fork in the center of your forehead and remove the sound. If it is heard equally well in both ears – hearing is normal. With conductive hearing loss hear better the person affected, and if a sensorineural – a healthy ear.
Sample MEUDON. The assistant stands next to you and speaks over your head, random words with such volume that you could hear them and repeat. He then, without interrupting the speech, the forefinger presses on the ear, both tragus, covering your ears. If you can't hear or distinguish the separate words, so not in the right outer ear. And if you hear assistant is still good and properly use his words – probably damaged middle ear.
In children who cannot yet speak, ear check "antiquated" tests. The simplest of them – clapping your hands or slamming a door. From the sound of a healthy baby involuntarily flinch or blink an eyelash. However, the test is highly imperfect, because sometimes even with a strong defect of hearing child can hear such low frequency sounds.
Another option with child's rattle. You become sure that the child you have not seen, and vigorously shake the rattle. If the baby reacts to it, pulling handles or legs, smiling, trying to turn to you head, then he hears a rattle. If you do not respond, they can't hear.
With age a person worse distinguishes sounds in the upper frequencies. So, sounds in the range of 14 kilohertz hear almost all teenagers and only one in five of fifty-sixty people. And 17-18 kHz to 18 years hear 60% of young and only 10% of forty-pyatidesyatyletia. Check the upper range of his hearing on the Internet, on the website
Full and free hearing test online on the website of the company "Masterclone". Of course, this is only a preliminary diagnosis, it does not replace visiting a doctor if you find that you need one.
Reduced hearing can testify to the following facts: often you don't hear the door-bell; tense, in order to better perceive the speech of other people; the words spoken low male voices, you distinguish easier than women and children.
Useful advice
The healthy human ear is able to distinguish sounds with frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It is recommended to check your hearing at least once in 3 years. When the ears have to be cleaned from sulfur – it reduces the accuracy of the readings.

Some bright-eyed teenagers with a fondness for the clock to communicate using SMS, replace their mobile phones music ringtones monotone sound with a frequency of 17-18 kHz. They hear it, and parents and teachers, believing that the phones are silent...

Advice 6: How to check thermostat on VAZ 2109

If the engine of VAZ 2109 began to overheat when driving or too long to warm up to reach operating temperature, you first need to check the correct operation of the thermostat.
Lada 2109
The thermostat in the car VAZ 2109 is the most important element of the cooling system, which with a valve regulates the flow of coolant flow and provides warm up the car, the timely removal of excess heat from hot parts and protect the engine from overheating.

Thermostat diagnosis in the home

For home thermostat test car VAZ 2109 requires prior dismantling of parts of engine. All work must be performed on a cold car, because there is a risk of severe burns. Before removing the thermostat it is necessary to disassemble the crankcase and to completely drain from the cooling system antifreeze after diagnostics it can be reused. To drain the antifreeze you first need to open the surge tank cap, and then to substitute pre-prepared fluid drainage container under the engine block. Opening the drain plug to drain the antifreeze. Then place a container under the drain hole of the radiator by unscrewing the plug on it to drain all the coolant.

After draining the antifreeze need to loosen the tightening clamps and disconnect a few pipes from the thermostat housing: the hose from the surge tank outlet hose from the radiator, the hose from the pipe to the pump and the hose connecting the thermostat with the engine. Gently removing the thermostat, first undergoes a visual diagnosis of the main valve details: it can jam in the open position, which causes a malfunction of the thermostat.

If the valve is closed, the diagnosis operation of the thermostat 2109 is performed by using a slowly heated water containers. The thermostat is immersed in a container along with a thermometer and gradually heating the water, place the beginning of the operation of the valve and the temperature level of this point.

Normal operating temperature of the thermostat of the car VAZ 2109 is considered to be 87 degrees Celsius, allowed level of error of no more than 2-3 degrees. A properly working thermostat will gradually open the valve as you raise the temperature of the liquid flowing of the water in the main pipe. When the temperature reaches 108-110 degrees, the thermostat valve should open completely and reset the heated water in the circuit cooler. As the cooling out of water the thermostat should fully close the valve.

Diagnosis of the thermostat directly on the car

Check the thermostat on the car is when the engine is cold. After starting the motor, you must verify to touch the outlet nozzle from the radiator. The norm is the lack of heat the pipe until then while the sensor is the coolant temperature on the instrument panel will not show warm up to 80-90 degrees.

If the tube heats up before that time, we can assume the malfunctioning valve, leading to longer engine warm-up time and a significant increase in fuel consumption. If the tube remains cool at high temperatures of the coolant, the reason may lie in the jamming of the valve. In this case, you need to replace the thermostat.
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