Checking the condition of the spring strut is simple, and can hold their own. Modern telescopic struts are sealed, and therefore when defects are detected they are replaced.

Check in motion

Initial validation of the struts of the car VAZ – 2109 carried out "by ear", when driving on a rough road. Extraneous knocks in the area of racks or "breakdown" suspension show their faults.

The faulty rack is replaced with a pair/

If the front or the rear of the car much swinging or as they say, "dancing", it also means that the dampers have failed and should be replaced.

The basic test

A further test is carried out with the vehicle stationary. This requires strong pressure on the body above each bar. The normal racks car should make no more than one oscillatory motion.

Next, conduct an external inspection of all racks. Working on the shock absorbers should be of the flows of liquid, any damage or deformation. Then check out the spring struts for cracks or damage.

If the suspension is continuously triggered until the stop "breaks", it means that the springs have worn out and must be replaced. To operate such a car is impossible, because you can deform the body.

Then check the condition of the cups the springs for cracks or deformation. Damper compression must also be an integer and should not have mechanical damage.

Before disassembling the strut, you must compress the spring puller/

Taken from the vehicle strut Assembly to be disassembled and a thorough inspection and Troubleshooting. Shock struts should be dry and clean, without any traces of wear. Before installing the shock absorber must be checked.

Test ride of the stock shock absorbers held in a vertically mounted rack. In the bottom hole for the mounting bolt to insert a large screw driver, step on it and pull the stock up or push down. On a good absorber rod moves smoothly, without jamming or failures.

When checking the thrust bearing it should spin easily and silently, and also not have cracks or damage. Worn out dampers need to be replaced.