To training a German shepherd – training, was held with great joy and desire, she needs to be for the puppy interesting and enjoyable. So, the acquisition of new skills should be reinforced by obtaining Goodies – cheese, biscuits, and the training you need to with good humor and great patience. Courses will start only after the puppy began to respond to his nickname.
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The very first team for him would be "me." The puppy needs to know that approaching the owner, he will receive only pleasant sensations his caress or get something tasty. Tell the team when called to the bowl at feeding time or to beckon him, holding a treat. Never that this team should not be punished. If he runs around you and does not respond to command, after he still will do it, just praise the dog, not punish. Can't this team finish and a walk.
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2.5 months of a puppy already accustomed to the leash. At the same time, you need to start to work out the command "heel". The puppy needs to go left, not looking ahead and not behind. Start when he's already tired of running and tired. Put on his leash, pick up a promotional piece of a cookie and keep it at the level where we need to go puppy. Start driving with him, repeating the command. Do not pull on the leash, the puppy should follow the treat itself. Right after a few meters, give him a reward. Repeat the exercise again. Do not exercise more than 10 minutes – the puppy is tired and his attention is lost. The lesson can be repeated several times during the day.
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The "Sit" command train after the team worked "Beside", it's logical its logical continuation. If the dog is near its owner, then after he stopped, she needs to sit down at his feet. Make the puppy sit when you stop repeating the command and by pressing gently on the rump of the dog. Encourage her.
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The command "down" you can practice by putting the dog. Take in your right hand a treat and push it into the ground, say the command and your left hand gently push the dog at the withers, forcing her to lie down.
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After all these basic commands learned, teach her other commandsnecessary for its security. Train the puppy, repeating them in different sequences. Constant training is the key to successful dog training process.