Consider all the pros and cons of privatization of land. On the one hand, your property will be more secure. Without your knowledge and compensation government will not be able to demolish the house to pave roads or other communications on the local area, and you have the right to make site improvements and to protect it, for example, fences. But on the other hand, all owners will be required to pay a land tax (although, given the small size of the apartment, the amount will be very small), it will be difficult to prepare all the documents, in addition, the owners can be fined for careless use of the territory, dirt and debris on the street, etc.
Spend General meeting of tenants of the house, and if the decision is taken, select an authorized representative, for example, the President of the HOA. You can then start the procedure of privatization of land.
Authorized meeting a person must apply to the land management organization for the work. Then the selected person should contact their local authorities and to write a statement about the transfer of this land to private ownership.
Local authorities will consider the issue, then using a BTI will be issued the boundaries of the land, and it will write out a cadastral passport for it. The section will be placed on the account, and from that moment all the tenants of your multifamily building will become the full owners of the land on which it is built.
Note that the land is in equal equity ownership, and to sell his land to some third person you are not eligible. However, if you live on the first floor, with the consent of the General meeting of tenants you can plant a small garden land and to enclose his land with a fence.