Land law confirms the right to receive land from the state, except for those sites that are considered to be withdrawn from civil circulation, limited to him, or intended for the needs of the municipality or the state. To take the state land can be for a variety of purposes – construction, farming, private enterprise, etc.
The land code stipulates that state property is recognized only to the land that is not already in the ownership of citizens, legal entities or municipal territorial entities. Thus, a distinction between state property and municipal – the last is considered the property of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
To take the land from the state, it is necessary to enter into a lease. Land should be provided for use in accordance with the provisions of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. The application must be submitted to the administration of the locality in which you reside. If you are planning to take land on rent in another city, the lease must be signed with the respective municipalities.
If you take the land from the state rent for the farm, in addition to the administration of the lease must be agreed with the Department of agriculture. Most likely, you will be given the earth from Fund of redistribution of agricultural land. If land that is leased, includes the coastal part of the public water entity, the contract is negotiated free access to all interested citizens. The size of the rent for each region and different land categories of individual and is set by the local normative act.
The rent period can be a period of several months to 49 years.