Failures in the Windows operating system usually happen when you install new programs, system updates, or exposure to virus and Trojans. A situation when sleep is lost switch the keyboard layout, many users have to face. To restore, open the "start" - "Bar management" - "regional and Language options" - "Languages" - "More."
Select "Settings", click "Language bar". Tick bird "Show the language bar on the desktop the table". Save the changes, the layout indicator should appear in the tray.
Sometimes the button "Language bar" is grayed out. This happens in the case if you are not running the file ctfmon.exe responsible for the operation of the language bar. The file is always located in the folder: C: Windows/System32. Open this directory, locate the file ctfmon.exe and run it. Button "Language bar" will be available. In this line of the startup file will be added to the startup each time I start the system the program will run automatically as it was before the failure.
If you restore the display layout indicator for some reason fails, there is a very simple way around this problem – search the Internet and install Punto Switcher. Unlike a standard switch the keyboard layout, this small utility provides many additional features. For example, your layout might not display in the form of combinations of letters EN or En, and the flags of Russia and the United States, which is quite convenient in order to see the current keyboard layout, enough to throw the badge a cursory glance.
Punto Switcher has a built-in clipboard, allows you to configure AutoCorrect. There's a simple selection of words in the text and pressing Win + S to find it in Yandex. There are rich opportunities to customize hot keys and other useful options. A properly configured Punto Switcher is a handy and useful tool.