You will need
  • computer
Open the menu "start" in the lower left corner of the screen. In the list that appears, select the tab "settings", "control Panel". In the "control Panel" select the tab "Language and regional standards". Here, open the tab "Languages". To view or change language or text input method, press the "More" button. In the resulting oke we'll see what keyboard layout is used on the computer. For our country the most familiar keyboard layout "Russian - English". But you can install other languages, their choice is huge, as well as advanced text services.

In this window you can do a lot: to establish which of the two languages will be installed when the computer is booted. If you most of the time write in Russian, it is more convenient to set a default it is this language, if your work involves browsing the Internet, install English.
Here you can configure the language bar to set its icon on the desktop and the taskbar. You can also set a specific key combination on the keyboard to switch between languages. The adopted combinations of the two: left-Ctrl/Shift", press the or the left Alt/Shift. Choose the one that suits you best.
In addition to establishing languages directly on the computer, you can use special software automatic language detection feature. Then there is no need all the time to switch the language used. You simply dial the desired text using the letters on the keyboard. The program recognizes what language text is entered.