To display the language bar, right-click your mouse on the taskbar menu "toolbars" select the item "Language bar". If the menu of this sub-paragraph is no, then you need to add more input languages. To do this, in control panel select "date, time, language and regional options" then "regional and Language options". In the opened window go to the tab "Languages", click the "read More". Clicking in the window "Language & text services" on the "Add" button, you can turn in a few new languages. To display the "Language bar" on your desktop, click "Language bar" and check "Show the language bar on the desktop the table".
How to set language <strong>bar</strong> <b>work</b> <em>table</em>
If "Language bar" is not displayed on the start screen, desktopand taskbar, the position can be controlled, using the context menu. Right-click the mouse on "Language bar", click "to Configure the location of the language bar or Restore the language bar"
How to set language <strong>bar</strong> <b>work</b> <em>table</em>