Turn on the computer, using the menu "start", open "control Panel". It is responsible for most of the settings of your operating system, here you can restore its original state.
Locate the "Language and regional standards". Here you can not only change the settings of keyboard layouts the keyboard, but also add new languages or to change the command keys to switch between them when entering text, and so on.
In the small window that appears with multiple tabs, select the second "Language". Find the button settings, click on it and you will appear on screen another window. Adjust the keyboard according to your own preferences, apply changes, close all Windows by clicking "OK".
If you want to change settings, switch modes, click the settings window's regional settings on the language tab of the "Advanced" button at the bottom of the list. In the opened window, choose which key combination to change the layout you prefer to use. Apply and save the changes.
If you want to return to the quick access toolbar additional display language settings, click the right mouse button and select the settings toolbars. Select the desired item. Also here you can configure and display other additional elements of the operating system.
If you can't see the language bar, check your computer for viruses. If that doesn't work, do a system restore from a point created at the time when the layout of the keyboard was in the desired mode. Use the list of installed programs using the menu "start". Open standard maintained utilities and restore the system to its previous state.