First carefully consider what and how much you need to repair. Walk around the house, carefully inspect all structures subject to various defects. Then make a plan of future work and an estimate.
Next, go to the store for materials. By the way, don't forget to decide who will repair you or specialized construction team. If you have plans for a major alteration building (for example, full replacement of the roof, floor or equipment of the buildingand sewage system), it is wise to entrust the execution of works to the professionals.
Do not forget that for almost any building is of great importance to the Foundation, its solidity. If the base buildingand durable, the Foundation is still will last a long time. If you plan to attach the new room to the house, first make a footing for the new wall. It must be securely linked with the already existing, otherwise the walls of the new structure can move away from the old, forming cracks.
Pay great attention to the floor. If possible, replace it completely. If the house is wooden, you should think about the wall covering modern finishing materials such as siding. This will protect the wall from moisture and increase the thermal insulation of the house. It is also worth to change the old roof. There are many materials available for roof: metal, slate, steel materials and others.
From all care, inspect the water supply system of the buildingand gas equipment. If the faucet is dripping rusty water, and some pipe is rotten or smells of gas, change to all communications is a must. Don't forget about the gutters, they should work.
Replace old Windows. Put modern plastic window construction. Specialist, it will make accurate measurements. These Windows are very durable. Thanks to them in your housee will always be warm and quiet.