Determine the final goal of perestroika at home. You need to create a clear image of the new housing that you are going to get in the end. Otherwise, the reconstruction would be unduly prolonged and become a "unfinished." Knowing what you intend to transform your current structure, you can more clearly plan the stages of work and purchase all the necessary materials.
Calculate the costs for restructuring the home. The proceeds from the specific situation. If you have purchased the construction started, it may be a prerequisite to reconstruction. About half of the construction cost is the cost of the Foundation and load-bearing walls. Therefore, a complete restructuring of this unfinished structure is unlikely to be justified.
If you bought a house under "finishing", it is possible that the building was designed without taking into account your preferences and needs. Calculate in this case what will be the cost of rebuilding a home to suit your tastes coupled with the cost of possible complete reconstruction of the house. Restructuring may include the decoration of the facade and interior, outhouse, garage or porches, small alterations to the premises.
In some cases, the cause of the adjustment at home is the desire to transform the look of the bland appearance of the house. Under this option, limit facade, changing the roof, the introduction of additional architectural changes (e.g., towers).
In order to preserve the landscape design of country houses using frame-panel technology, allowing compact and neat to store building elements and to prevent the accumulation of debris.
Carry out a thorough survey of the actual condition of the structures at home. It is advisable to order professional expertise for the technical examination of the building – this will help to reduce financial risks to a minimum.
For the drafting of future restructuring of the house invite the architect, having experience of similar work. After the development of project documentation coordinate it with the appropriate authorities. Now you can go to immediate work on the reconstruction of the house.
Start rebuilding from the Foundation, since it could be a weakening of the masonry or the reduction of the bearing capacity of the soil. Because inherent in the project of reconstruction of the house changes can increase the load on the Foundation, consider the expansion of its soles. To increase soil density and bearing capacity, run it cementing, utrambovyvaya gravel or device piles.
If rebuilding the house involves the construction of an extension to the house, provide the correct conjugation and widening of the existing foundations. Do not tie tightly a new design to the old, this may lead to distortions and cracks.
To strengthen the walls use the frame structure of metal construction. Possible extension of the new masonry along the entire surface of the walls, with old walls attach to the new masonry anchor bolts.
The last stage of the restructuring of the house – roofing. If the significant deterioration of a roof, remove the coating and perform a full reconstruction of the roof. If you are going to build on the attic, and adjust the truss system. If the defects of the roof is unimportant, limit the replacement of damaged sections and painting.