Renovated old house should begin with its overhaul. Focus on the Foundation, walls and roof. Depends on the integrity of the house, its reliability. The state of internal finishes and plumbing is a separate issue and does not directly affect the stability of the structure.
Looking around the house, pay attention to cracks in walls and foundations – their presence indicates that the house sits or the walls are so old that they begin to fall. Cracks in the Foundation suggests the need for its strengthening. In a weak spot under the Foundation niche is dug and filled with concrete.
Sometimes the old walls begins to lead, they formed bulge. This often happens with homemi built of Adobe (in the southern regions of the country there are many homes). If the wall has a similar hump it in this place necessary to disassemble and re-folded, pre-propping beams of the roof.
If the walls of the house in good condition but are ugly, they can "Refine" in three main ways. The first is the hardest and most expensive but gives the best result – the house must impose the clinker bricks. Masonry is in a half-brick, the structure becomes very beautiful modern look.
The second method is the decoration of the walls of modern cladding materials such as plastic. This is the fastest option, but, if possible, should be avoided. Not to mention the fact that the plastic is flammable, trimmed so that old house still looks not the best way. The plastic trim is more suitable for commercial property than for private households.
The third method of wall decoration is quite traditional and is plastering or applying a decorative layer by spraying. In the latter case, the solution should be add a modern dyes, which gives a very good result.
Old houses are usually worn wooden elements – beams, floors, rafters. All rotten parts should be replaced. When repairing the roof of old slates should be removed and replaced with a modern metal. It is not only lighter, but also much prettier. Facing old house with brick facing and replace the slate to the metal will give the old building a second life.
Options for interior design is directly dependent on the wall material. If the house is Adobe, it is best to sheathe the plasterboard wall. In this case you get perfectly smooth walls and get rid of the problems with small cracks often occur in walls of Adobe houses. For brick walls you can use any finish options, it all depends on your desires and financial possibilities.